Creating a MoneyTrax Maximum Efficient Contract with Security Mutual Life's WL4U® and UL4U®

Dec 17, 2015, 10:15 ET from Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York

BINGHAMTON, N.Y., Dec. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York invites MoneyTrax advisors to take a look at its current Security Designer WL4U® life insurance products and its Customized UL4U® life insurance product.  The WL4U and UL4U products are specifically engineered to provide impressive cash values when funded in accord with Don Blanton's Maximum Efficient Contract (MEC) approach.

The Security Designer WL4U® line consists of four whole life designs—a 10-pay, life paid up at 65, life paid up at 100 and life paid up at 121. The line includes two modern paid-up addition riders, which allow the advisor to use his or her creativity and the products' flexibility to the fullest to respond to the specific needs of each client.

James Kerwin, Security Mutual's Chief Marketing Officer, observed that Security Mutual's paid-up addition riders offer " . . . significant flexibility to the policyholder regarding policy funding; much more so than do traditional paid-up addition riders offered by other carriers."

Kerwin commented that:  "the Customized UL4U® universal life insurance product features higher interest credits and lower cost of insurance charges for policy owners who fund their contract at or above certain levels.  He pointed out that this feature, "results in the development of greater cash values than can be achieved by the typical stated rate universal life insurance policy."

MoneyTrax advisors who attend Don Blanton's COW College 2016 in Orlando from January 5-7, 2016, are invited to learn more about Security Mutual's WL4U® and UL4U® products and their versatility by attending the Security Mutual Life reception on Wednesday, January 6, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. at the host property, the Hyatt Regency Orlando. This function will be held in the Discovery Room on the Mezzanine Level. Look for the signs.

George Kozol, a marketing executive with Security Mutual, pointed out that ". . . Security Mutual introduced Don Blanton and the MoneyTrax software to our agents in 2006 and has sent a team to COW College every year since 2009." Kozol noted that in doing so, "Security Mutual acquires first-hand knowledge about MoneyTrax and its core ideas."

Advisors can also learn more about Security Designer WL4U® and Customized UL4U® by visiting:


SOURCE Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York