Credit Card for Bad Credit to Rebuild Your Credit Score - Article and Video Guide for Consumers shares details of new application service for credit cards. In addition to comparing lenders for bad credit cash loans, the site has published an article and a video guide on utilizing credit cards to repair credit scores

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TALLAHASSEE, Florida, January 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces the launch of its new database comparing reputable companies providing secured credit cards. To coincide with the launch, the loans for bad credit site has also published an informative article on topic and filmed a video guide summarizing the benefits of using such cards. Narrated by "Kelly," the 90 second introduction gives an accessible overview to the potential of pre-paid credit cards used responsibly and with a view to increasing credit standing.

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For individuals with bad credit, the site hopes to help focus their efforts on repairing their credit status for a better financial future with more options available. One of the most effective ways to do this is to apply for and use a "secured" credit card. This may help avoid the costly penalties that consumers face from using high interest cards with low credit limits and reaching their maximum limits too often. The site also acknowledges that it is rare for bad credit consumers to receive lower interest rates on unsecured credit cards.

The article on the site explains in greater detail how the use of a secured credit card can help repair credit and carefully reminds consumers to review rates and explore their options carefully before accepting an offer.

By completing the brief online form, it is possible to see which companies are in a position to offer a pre-paid credit card that will be secured with a deposit. Borrowing limits and deposit amounts will be determined by individual lender credit card companies on a case-by-case basis. made the announcement.

"In addition to helping consumers quickly compare fast loans, cash loans and unsecured loans, is also hoping to assist consumers with researching credit cards that can help repair credit ratings. We invite consumers to read our article on the subject and watch our animated guide. The bottom line is that there are alternatives to being stuck in the cycle of low credit. We can assist consumers in exploring these."

To learn more about how to repair credit scores with credit cards, read the article:

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