Credit Suisse Launches Innovative Emerging Market Fixed Income Indices, Offering Investors Enhanced Access to the Market for EM Sovereign Credit as well as Broad Benchmark Exposure to Local Currency Bond Markets

Mar 30, 2011, 12:27 ET from Credit Suisse AG

NEW YORK, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Credit Suisse has launched two new Emerging Market (EM) fixed income indices that can help global investors gain enhanced exposure to EM sovereign credit and broad access to local currency debt markets.


The two new indices take distinct, yet complimentary, approaches to investing in Emerging Market sovereign debt. The Credit Suisse Emerging Markets Credit Opportunity (EMCROP) index aims to generate superior risk-adjusted performance by systematically identifying mispricing in EM sovereign credit spreads and tactically adjusting overall market exposure, while the Credit Suisse Emerging Market Local Currency Sovereign Bond Index (CSEMLC) provides broad benchmark exposure to EM sovereign debt.

The Credit Suisse Emerging Markets Credit Opportunity Index (EMCROP) is an investment strategy designed to benefit from mispricing in EM sovereign credit spreads relative to their macroeconomic and credit fundamentals. The strategy sells credit default swap (CDS) protection on up to six EM sovereign credits and rebalances its exposure quarterly. Selection of sovereign credits is based on country-level fundamentals and credit exposure is adjusted according to the Credit Suisse Extreme Flow Indicator, a proprietary medium-term timing indicator. For "risk-on" periods, the strategy invests in the selected CDS contracts, in "risk-off' periods, the strategy stays neutral. The Credit Suisse EMCROP can be accessed on the Bloomberg Professional® service by typing EMCPERUS < Index >.

The Credit Suisse Emerging Market Local Currency Sovereign Bond Index (CSEMLC) provides a benchmark for EM sovereign debt that represents the characteristics, pricing and total return performance of the EM sovereign universe. Broad selection criteria are used to determine the list of countries whose debt is eligible for the index, and the weighting of any one country in the index is capped at 10%. All bonds in the CSEMLC Index are selected according to a fully transparent set of rules-based inclusion criteria regarding issue size, bond type, maturity and liquidity. Daily returns for the CSEMLC can be accessed on the Bloomberg Professional® service by typing EMLC < GO >.

Mike Hodgson, Head of Fixed Income for the Emerging Markets Group at Credit Suisse, said, "These new indices reinforce our position as a leading franchise in Emerging Markets and exemplify our cutting-edge research in developing transparent, liquid strategies. With EMCROP, we now offer investors convenient alpha exposure to EM sovereign credit, while CSEMLC provides a benchmark for EM local currency bond markets."

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