Credit Suisse's Customized Funds Investment Group Hosts Conference on Small & Emerging Managers in Private Equity, Real Estate and In-State Investments

Fifth annual Small and Emerging Managers Conference, held this year in Charlotte, N.C.

Sep 26, 2011, 10:18 ET from Credit Suisse AG

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 22, 2011, Credit Suisse's Customized Fund Investment Group ("CFIG") hosted the fifth annual "Credit Suisse Conference on Small & Emerging Managers in Private Equity, Real Estate and In-State Investments," in Charlotte, North Carolina.


The Conference, which was open to all private equity professionals, was attended by over 400 representatives of U.S.-based pension plans, endowments, foundations, private equity managers and other industry participants. Through open networking sessions and panel discussions led by market-leading investors and high-quality emerging managers, the Conference provided a venue for developing strategic initiatives.

"We recognize that many in-state investment initiatives remain committed to creating local jobs and stimulating regional economic growth through investments in private equity managers in the small and emerging ("SEM") and minority spaces," said Kelly Williams, Head of CFIG. "This conference was instrumental in facilitating constructive discussions among small and emerging managers, in-state General Partners and key institutional investors active in the SEM and in-state private equity space."

The Conference included the following panel discussions on noteworthy industry topics:

  • Best Practices from the Top Performing Funds – Concurrent panels on real estate and private equity, that highlighted internal CFIG analysis of best practices from top performing managers;
  • Trends in the Emerging Manager Space – Panel that discussed new trends among emerging manager strategies, ideas and perspectives; and
  • Getting Liquid – Panel that focused on case examples of recent exits and portfolio momentum.

CFIG was pleased to host this year's conference in a state in which it has a strong presence, and feature local speakers including Janet Cowell, the State Treasurer of North Carolina, and renowned industry veteran Hugh McColl, Chairman of the Charlotte-based McColl Group, who delivered the keynote address.

Treasurer Cowell said, "We have been fortunate to work with Credit Suisse on our Innovation Fund, which targets a risk-adjusted rate of return for our pension fund's private equity portfolio while creating jobs and supporting innovation in North Carolina."

CFIG, which is based in New York City, currently manages approximately $28 billion in client commitments to private equity fund of funds and co-investment programs, and has programs in North Carolina, Oregon, New York , Indiana and Michigan. CFIG manages the $232 million Credit Suisse NC Innovation Fund that is focused on co-investing in portfolio companies and committing capital through other private equity fund managers, all of which have significant operations in or a nexus to North Carolina.

Speakers and panelists that participated in the Conference included investment officers and trustees from the, North Carolina Department of State Treasurer, U.S. Small Business Administration, Teacher Retirement System of Texas and Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association.

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CFIG's clients include sophisticated institutions and high-net worth investors. Credit Suisse's extensive transaction experience, which includes coverage of many top-tier private equity sponsor groups, allows CFIG to access and analyze many leading private equity and venture capital funds.  CFIG currently has approximately $6.0 billion in commitments to funds sponsored by small and emerging managers for sophisticated institutional investors including the North Carolina Retirement Systems, Teacher Retirement System of Texas, and Virginia Retirement System(3). Through this active investment in small and emerging managers on behalf of client programs, CFIG has grown exceptionally familiar with the small and emerging market and its impact on the future growth of the economy.

(1) Includes approximately US$6.7 billion of commitments relating to funds that CFIG currently manages, but which were not raised by and which were not invested by CFIG.
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