CRIC Forms Exclusive Cooperation with China Real Estate Research Association and China Real Estate Association

New Jointly Owned Entity to Provide Authoritative Evaluations and Rankings for China's Real Estate Industry

Jun 01, 2010, 09:05 ET from China Real Estate Information Corporation

SHANGHAI, June 1 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- China Real Estate Information Corporation ("CRIC" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: CRIC), a leading provider of real estate information, consulting and online services in China, today announced that it has reached a framework agreement with the China Real Estate Research Association ("CRERA") and the China Real Estate Association ("CREA") to form an exclusive cooperation to provide evaluations, rankings, indexes, ratings and related services for China's real estate industry.

Under the cooperation framework agreement entered into by CRIC, CRERA and CREA, a new entity jointly owned by CRIC, CRERA and CREA will be established with CRIC holding a 51% interest. The new entity will provide evaluations, rankings, indexes, ratings and other services covering the Chinese real estate and home furnishing sectors, including among others, evaluations, ratings and rankings of China's real estate developers, ratings of publicly listed real estate companies and evaluation and promotion of new materials and technologies in the real estate industry such as low-carbon materials. The results of these evaluations, ratings and rankings will be officially endorsed on an exclusive basis by CRERA, CREA, China Real Estate Rating and Evaluation Center, a unit of CRIC, E-House Research and Training Institute, a unit of E- House (China) Holdings Limited (NYSE: EJ), and in some cases by a unit of China's Ministry of Construction. CRERA and CREA will provide assistance in data collection related to these services while CRIC's , a leading website for real estate industry professionals, will be the first and exclusive site to release the results of the evaluations, ratings and rankings.

"We are very excited about our cooperation with CRERA and CREA," said Mr. Xin Zhou, CRIC's co-chairman and chief executive officer. "As a leading provider of real estate information and consulting services in China, CRIC provides information, research, evaluation, rating and ranking services for China's real estate industry. Our cooperation with CRERA and CREA is a display of confidence by the two leading and authoritative industry associations and will enhance our brand as a provider of comprehensive, impartial and authoritative research, evaluations, ratings, rankings and indexes for the real estate and home furnishing sectors. We aim to expand our services and generate future revenues related to these services."

About CRIC

China Real Estate Information Corporation ("CRIC") (NASDAQ: CRIC) is a leading provider of real estate information, consulting and online services with a presence in over 100 cities across China. CRIC, a subsidiary of E-House (China) Holdings Limited (NYSE: EJ), merged with the online real estate business of SINA Corporation (NASDAQ: SINA) upon the completion of CRIC's initial public offering and listing of its ADSs on the NASDAQ Global Select Market in October 2009. Leveraging its proprietary, advanced and comprehensive real estate information database and analysis system, CRIC provides a broad range of real estate-related services to all participants in the real estate value chain, including developers, suppliers, agents, brokers, service providers and individual consumers. CRIC's services include subscription-based information services, customized consulting services and online services through several real estate websites that provide region-specific real estate information and access to online communities. For more information about CRIC, please visit .

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