Critter Catchers Battles Attic Pests, Overblown Heating Bills Alike

Expanding services, southeastern Michigan-based animal control firm now offers innovative answer to traditional cellulose insulation with innovative TAP alternative

Oct 11, 2010, 12:53 ET from Critter Catchers, Inc.

ORTONVILLE, Mich., Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Furnaces are firing up for the first time in months throughout Michigan, forcing an inevitable future of higher home heating bills. Simultaneously, creepy insects are clamoring for more comfortable turf – like attics – to weather the coming winter. What's a beleaguered homeowner to do? Critter Catchers now provides a safe and environmentally friendly solution tailor-made to address two equally pressing issues.

Critter Catchers is the newest Michigan source for TAP (Thermal, Acoustical, Pest Control) Insulation, an energy-saving alternative to traditional insulation that not only saves money but also battles many self-grooming insects. Manufactured in the USA by Pest Control Insulation Systems, TAP Pest Control Insulation is distributed exclusively to companies holding a valid pesticide license.

"Typical families will spend $1,900 annually on home utility bills, and much of that energy is wasted.  We are in countless attics each year, and most do not have the Department of Energy's recommendation of R-60.  It's no wonder that the government has been offering tax incentives," said Dave Kugler, president, Critter Catchers Inc. "Founded with a focus on environmental awareness, it's a natural step for Critter Catchers to expand into this niche product. We like to think of TAP insulation as pest control that pays you back!"

Aside from stopping many self grooming insects in their tracks and bolstering the home heating budget, TAP Insulation delivers an added bonus: It acts as a fire retardant, which can improve the safety of your home.

Manufactured in Michigan from recycled newspapers, fire-retardant TAP insulation consists of cellulose fibers specially treated with boric acid. This compound was first registered for use as a pesticide in 1948.  Acceptable for use around humans and pets, the naturally occurring substance cannot be tolerated by many self-grooming insects, such as ants and cockroaches.

"Following extensive training, Critter Catchers is now certified to apply TAP Insulation in area homes. The specially treated TAP insulation can be applied over existing attic insulation to create an energy efficient 'attic cap' to help with energy loss and pest control," said Bill Turk, chairman, Pest Control Services. "Sprayed-in cellulose fits like a warm blanket around voids and gaps, offering up to 45 percent more R-Value than blown fiberglass and preventing nearly 32% more energy loss than fiberglass batting."

For more information on TAP Insulation, bat removal, nuisance animal control or related issues, visit: or call: (248) 432-2712.

About Critter Catchers, Inc.: Founded in 2005, the Ortonville, Mich.-based Critter Catchers, Inc. was formed by David Kugler, an Oakland University graduate holding a Bachelors of Science in Biology, and a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from Wayne State University. Critter Catchers provides wildlife control services in SE Michigan and specializes in humane bat removal and other attic pests. Visit the Website at or call: (248) 432-2712.

SOURCE Critter Catchers, Inc.