Cross Screen DSP Growing Quickly in Mobile Advertising

- The Fifth iPinYou Global Programmatic Advertising Summit

May 27, 2015, 08:00 ET from BeijingPinYou Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd

SHANGHAI, May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Fifth iPinYou Global Programmatic Advertising Summit has successfully concluded at Le Royal Meridien Shanghai on May 20, 2015. Executives from GroupM, L'Oreal, Mediamath, Baidu, Google, iPinYou and over 30 major agencies and brands delivered speeches and panel discussions.  This summit is the landmark event in the programmatic advertising industry in China and witnessed over 1,200 participants, including marketers from over 500 brands, leading 4A companies and other industry leaders.

Grace Huang, Founder & CEO of iPinYou, delievered a keynote speech on the key trends in programmatic advertising.  She emphasized that 2015 will be the year for the whole industry to mature and create real business values.  Among the advertisers that are using iPinYou DSP platform, some of them have already shifted over 88% of budgets to programmatic and seen on average over 70% performance increases.  Ms. Huang said, "The market has reached a level of consolidation where the top 20% of DSP represents over 80% of budget on programmatic buying."   

"With a 350% increase in 2014 on mobile through iPinYou platform, advertisers start to realize the importance of using an integrated DSP system that can optimize across PC and mobile," Grace added. This can be demonstrated by the data from iPinYou's real case where cross-screen DSP improved the engagement rate from 3% to 15%.

Nils Roehrig, CDO of GroupM China, noted that it takes eight years for the U.S. to grow programmatic to a mature stage, whereas China has witnessed a much more rapid development in the past three years.  With 15% of digital ads estimated to transact in the programmatic way, it is estimated grow to 35% in 2017.

Asmita Dubey, CMO of L'Oreal China, Zhaowei Song, CMO of Haier and Chris Guo, VP of Yi Hao Dian, all gave very insightful advise

Rahul Vasudev, GM of Mediamath APAC, shared some of the best practices from global market. He demonstrated significant performance increases by using the right DSP platform.  For example, e-commerce website page views increased by 20%, conversions increased by 10% and ROI of advertising increased by 21%.

The one-day summit also covered hot topics around big data, mobile advertising, programmatic for ecommerce, and video programmatic advertising.   

About iPinYou

Founded in 2008, iPinYou is the largest programmatic buying DSP platform in China. As the leading ad technology company, iPinYou is keen on driving ad evolution and constantly improving the efficiency across the digital ad industry through technological innovations.  iPinYou has served many Fortune 500 companies in China and major ecommerce platforms.  iPinYou has established a world-leading R&D team in data mining and algorithm, proprietary DSP technology and patented consumer profiling technology.  It enables programmatic on PC and mobile, video and native ads alike.  According to AnalysiInternational, iPinYou now accounts for 52.8% market share in China's programmatic buy branded market. To learn more about the company, visit: 

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