Crowdfunding Paves into India, Exhilway Set to Raise and Invest $1 Billion

Jan 08, 2014, 08:00 ET from Exhilway Global

NEW YORK, January 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Exhilway Global, the world's largest emerging markets private equity fund is set to launch one of the largest crowdfunding platform called "Exhilway Link" which will cover all major types of crowdfunding, classified into debt, equity and royalty. The platform will initially operate in India, US & UK. The platform will be open for both accredited and non-accredited investors.

The crowdfunding has already begun to compete with the banks under the peer to peer or P2P lending, where an investor can directly invest into the projects. Until now, the crowdfunding industry suffered as the investments made by the investors has no principal safety as well as return assurance. Exhilway Link will offer complete assurance to the investors, backed by the assets of the fund raising companies or its own corporate guarantee, in case the invested project fails. Exhilway is trusted by over 90,000 accredited investors worldwide.

"With few dollars in pocket, the investors can fund several companies like today's Facebook or Google. This is only an asset class which can generate 1000 times' return when calculative risk is taken. The investor can invest monthly or make one time commitment into the project" said Rahul Kumar, Director of Investments at Exhilway Global.

Exhilway Link will also distribute much anticipated private equity fund called Exhilway Global Opportunities Fund - I which will invest $200 million in India. The fund was delayed as India went through troubled times amid rupee devaluation and introduction of alternative investment fund guidelines in India.

Exhilway Global Opportunities - II will begin taking investment proposals in early February. The fund will be of $800 million investing into diversified business sectors.

"We believe in investor safety, we never allowed investors to take blind risk. All our investment products offer complete capital protection and minimum returns. Even our crowdfunding platform will offer a hybrid investment product which allow investors to enjoy debt return while a company is growing and unlimited upside potential on the equity when it is listed, said Joy Ghosh, Director India Operations.

Exhilway Link will select companies on the basis of credit rating, enterprise valuation and due diligence done on the companies. It will also allow companies to add their profile to the database and reach out to the existing investors demonstrating their growth.

SOURCE Exhilway Global