CROWDZ introduces a better way to shop through crowd buying

Feb 04, 2016, 16:20 ET from CROWDZ

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --, a subsidiary of Agora Intelligence Inc., is launching a new app and web-based mobile shopping platform this week. CROWDZ is an online store focused on giving the power of buying and selling back to the marketplace. This is done through the power of "Crowd Buying." Put simply – the more buyers purchase any product, the lower price per item. If you purchased an item and the price drops later, CROWDZ then credits your account for future purchases. We help buyers find quality products at the best guaranteed price, and we help sellers reach mobile shoppers without forcing them to pay a large premium for access. At CROWDZ, everybody wins, it's that simple!
See How it Works:

CROWDZ is building a community that brings together buyers and sellers to promote Crowd Buying for everyone. This is possible through the CROWDZ model, which allows sellers to put any item onto the mobile commerce platform and pay the same fee, whether that item costs $10 or $10,000.

"Our vision is real and our vision is working. Every day at, we're empowering both buyers and sellers to find the best deal for them," said Payson Johnston, CEO and Founder of Agora Intelligence Inc. "My team and I are working tirelessly to bring the best shopping experience to both buyers and sellers online."

CROWDZ was born out of Agora Intelligence Inc., founded by Payson Johnston, one of CISCO's top performing global supply-chain leaders for 19 years. Payson's vision is to democratize buying power for consumers so they could buy the same way corporate America buys. CROWDZ is a Santa Clara, CA corporation with offices in Campbell, CA and San Diego CA.  You can learn more by following us on Twitter (@mycrowdz) checking out our blog (, and, of course, at our website