Crunchy Data Welcomes Open Source Pioneer Tom Lane

Oct 28, 2015, 15:58 ET from Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc.

CHARLESTON, S.C., Oct. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Crunchy announces that open source software pioneer Tom Lane has joined its team of elite PostgreSQL developers. 

Lane is a member of the core team within the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, which oversees the development and maintenance of one of the world's most popular and reliable open-source databases, PostgreSQL. Lane is prolific contributor to the PostgreSQL open source project and is involved in all aspects of the PostgreSQL project, including new features, performance improvements, and bug evaluation and fixes. Prior to joining Crunchy, Lane led PostgreSQL related research and development initiatives at Red Hat and Salesforce.

"PostgreSQL is the most advanced open source database available today," said Crunchy CEO Bob Laurence. "Crunchy's goal is to make PostgreSQL the leading open source database for the enterprise. Tom's longstanding commitment to the reliability, integrity and security of open source PostgreSQL, unique experience and legendary talents make him an extraordinary addition to the Crunchy team.  Tom will make a critical contribution to the success of Crunchy's future plans."

Lane's joining the Crunchy team follows the debut of Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL, an open source, trusted, enterprise distribution of PostgreSQL; as well as the recent of addition of Joe Conway, another highly respected member of the PostgreSQL development community and committer to the PostgreSQL project.  Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL provides enterprises of all sizes with a trusted, open source relational database management solution.

"I was impressed by the team Crunchy had assembled," said Lane. "Stephen Frost, Joe Conway and Greg Smith are senior, respected members of the community and I am pleased to be joining them. Open source PostgreSQL continues to be important data management technology and I expect Crunchy will make a major contribution to the PostgreSQL community as we work to make Postgres the go-to open source choice for enterprise database users."

Stephen Frost, Crunchy CTO, added, "Tom brings unrivaled PostgreSQL expertise to the Crunchy team.  I'm thrilled to have him as a colleague and look forward to working closely with him to move PostgreSQL forward." 


Tom Lane brings nearly 40 years of experience in systems and applications software development, with a focus on the development and refinement of open source databases. 

Lane has been engaged in PostgreSQL development since 1998 and is a Major Contributor and Committer. He has been a member of the PostgreSQL project's core Steering Committee since 2000. He is involved in all aspects of PostgreSQL, including new features, performance improvements, and bug evaluation and fixes.

Beyond PostgreSQL, Lane's contributions to open source include: Organizer of the Independent JPEG Group (IJG), co-author of the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Specification, and member of the Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) advisory committee.

Most recently, Lane was a Software Architect for, where he helped develop Sayonara, a Postgres-based database engine custom-tuned for Saleforce's needs. Previously, he spent 13 years as a Principal Software Engineer for Red Hat, where he helped develop the "Red Hat Database," Red Hat's distribution of PostgreSQL.

Lane holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

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