CSR Selects CLK Design Automation's AOCV FX

Global leader in wireless technology adopts CLK DA's solution for timing derate generation

Oct 18, 2011, 07:00 ET from CLK Design Automation

LITTLETON, Mass., Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CLK Design Automation today announced that CSR plc (LSE: CSR and Nasdaq: CSRE) has adopted AOCV FX for the generation of AOCV timing derates, including design specific derates. AOCV timing derates are becoming an essential part of 40nm and 28nm physical design flows to accurately account for manufacturing variance.  Design Specific  AOCV tables further enhance existing STA and physical optimization tools ability to improve timing closure and design performance.

"As a global leader in wireless, location and audio-visual technology, we recognised that we needed to adopt AOCV to deliver functionality, performance and quality at 40nm and below," said Babak Bastani, Vice President Chip Design for CSR. Mark Scoones, Consultant, Digital Implementation added, "CLK Design Automation's AOCV FX was by far the best solution on all dimensions; performance, accuracy, functionality, ease-of-use and maturity."

"With AOCV FX, we are helping CSR to implement state of the art variation aware timing capability," said Isadore Katz, President and CEO of CLK Design Automation. "We've been working closely with CSR to build high accuracy derate tables and methodologies that help them deliver high performance designs, without compromising quality, all in their existing tool flows."

AOCV Timing Derates

Advanced stage-based on chip variation is a substantial improvement in modeling process variation compared with traditional methods. It can improve design performance and identify complex bugs that might have been masked with traditional timing methods. However, building complete, accurate AOCV tables for full libraries calls for millions of SPICE Monte Carlo runs, which is simply impractical even with unlimited compute resources and software licenses. Moreover, basic methods for generating SBOCV tables are unnecessarily pessimistic. Because they rely on the worst case load and slew they do not reflect the way cells are actually used in a design, and may misdirect the optimization flow.

AOCV FX: Advance Timing Derates Made Practical

AOCV FX is the first practical, turn-key solution that has the performance and accuracy needed to generate a full database of SBOCV derate factors. Derate tables created by AOCV FX can be used with all of the leading timing and optimization tools.

AOCV FX is the only solution that can deliver Design Specific AOCV derates. AOCV FX records a complete set of derate values for cells based on a full range of allowed load and slew combinations. This database of values is used to generate AOCV tables based on a variety of design specific selection criteria. Design specific derates can substantially improve and accelerate timing closure without compromising design quality.

Part of the TSMC Reference Flow 12.0, AOCV FX has been extensively tested for accuracy and performance for the TSMC 40nm and 28nm processes.

About CLK Design Automation

CLK Design Automation is the leader in high accuracy timing variation solutions for nanometer semiconductor designs. CLK DA was founded in 2004, and is backed by Morgenthaler Venture Partners and Atlas Ventures. Path FX and AOCV FX are fast, accurate, and practical solutions for timing closure. More information can be found at www.clkda.com.

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