CTIA Emerging Technology Awards Finalist -- ZOS Communications Provides World's First Location Management Platform That Works On All Operating Systems, With Pinpoint Accuracy

ZOS Communications Develops a Complete, End-to-End Geospatial Platform With "Over-the-Top" Capabilities For All Smart Phone Operating System Platforms

Mar 15, 2011, 06:00 ET from ZOS Communications

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --  Solving a 10 year old mystery in the Location Based Marketing Industry, ZOS Communications is unveiling first-of-its kind technology that gives smart phone users real time, relevant content -- based on hyper location, time, proximity and speed -- from a cloud based platform and across all carriers and operating systems. That complete solution is the technology behind the ZOS Mobile Marketing Console -- a finalist in the CTIA "Best Emerging Technology" Awards in the Mobile Marketing/Advertising category.

"Kumbaya Moment"-- Fascinated with GPS since his days racing sailboats in the America's Cup, ZOS CEO Jon Ziskind envisioned a wider application when GPS mobile phones came out. "I wondered why we couldn't mold this technology to turn any smart phone into a 'personal concierge' -- sharing our location, getting automatic reroutes to the next sales call, receiving coupons or emergency notices -- all when timely and relevant." But the problem was industry fragmentation -- how to corral the competing carriers, networks, CDMA, GSM, different phones, antennas, batteries etc. "Our 'kumbaya' moment was when we stopped fighting industry fragmentation and instead embraced it," says Ziskind. "We believe the ZOS technology will forever change the way marketers, brands, operators, government agencies, utilities, emergency services and sales teams reach their audiences," says Karen Morris, ZOS Chief Marketing Officer.

What Makes the ZOS Mobile Marketing Console Unique:

  • Endless Geofencing Options -- As big as a country or small as ten feet.
  • Determines hyper accurate location across all carriers and operating systems using "over-the top" hybrid location solution.
  • Open application programming interfaces (API's) allow developers endless capabilities to build enhanced applications and services.
  • Location triggers information automatically and directs to smart phone.
  • Reduces carrier costs to garner location by off- loading service to the ZOS cloud solution.
  • Unprecedented accuracy of location, velocity, time and proximity, across all operating system platforms.
  • Many User Applications -- Brand, Marketing/Advertising, Enterprise, Retailers, Government, Emergency Services and more.
  • Web Tool for Data Collection delivered direct to client.

"The ZOS technology finally solves what's been missing in the Location Based Marketing industry-- the ability to deliver relevant content across all smart phone operating systems and carriers, and with pinpoint accuracy. The marketing applications are now endless," says Jon Ziskind ZOS CEO.

See the ZOS Mobile Marketing Video at: www.zoscomm.com/videos/mobilemarketingconsole

Find ZOS Communications at CTIA 2011 March 21-24 Alcatel-Lucent Booth MR-224, NW corner of Main Convention Hall http://www.ctiawireless.com/info/index.cfm/exhibit-floor#floorplans.


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About ZOS Communications: ZOS Communications, a Location Management Company, is the developer of the complete end-to-end geospatial platform with "Over-the-Top" capabilities. The ZOS Mobile Marketing Console Platform (zMMC) allows consumers to receive live, relevant, location-based marketing/communications across all carriers and operating systems. ZOS Communications works with enterprise mobility, marketing agencies, carriers, mobile device manufactures and mobile developers to enable LBS technology initiatives across many vertical markets and organizations.

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