Curated News App Wermz Launches to Bring Fully Interactive and Immersive Customized News Stream to Mobile Device Users

New app provides first completely customizable and personal interactive news experience

Jul 15, 2015, 09:13 ET from Wermz

NEW YORK, July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Wermz, an immersive and comprehensive news discovery platform offering a constant stream of curated news, images and video content, today announced it has launched on iOS.  Wermz is the first content discovery mobile application specifically developed to present users with a complete view of news topics derived from multiple sources and outlets. 

Powered by proprietary smart technology – a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and language processing – Wermz presents information on a topic that goes beyond a single story. In addition to news, Wermz provides access to videos, images, opinion pieces, timelines, stocks and score charts – to keep the reader informed from a 360-degree perspective. What makes Wermz unique is that it allows users to explore news in depth from several different angles and news sources, and helps them form their own opinions on the news. 

As social media sites continue to be a resource for publishers and readers to post and consume news articles, users' feeds have become oversaturated and simply don't allow users to explore and discover content outside what their friends and followers post. Wermz provides a news-centric solution that cuts through the noise of social media to deliver a highly curated news feed.

"Wermz is a new way of consuming news," said CEO and Founder Clinton Grusd. "It provides the story, and additional content around your interests with articles, videos, and background information. You can browse it. Or you can study it. But most importantly, you can experience it. That's the way content should be discovered and enjoyed today.  We designed Wermz to provide that unique experience."

Users are able to select from a comprehensive list of breaking news, categories, topics and publications to follow in a magazine-formatted daily feed. Based on the user's interests, Wermz recommends additional headlines, publications and information for exploration within the application. 

"Throughout the development process, we listened closely to our users and perfected Wermz to make it a truly unique, customized and intuitive platform for discovering news content," said Grusd.

Wermz is free and available to download now on iPad and iPhone on iOS 7.1 or later versions. For more information, visit

About Wermz
Wermz is a content discovery mobile application that provides a personalized and comprehensive news stream in a simple magazine format based on users' interests. Powered by machine learning, Wermz takes the work out of searching for news stories and offers recommendations on news based on the user's interests and to display a comprehensive perspective on several topics. The advantage of Wermz allows users to experience news by exploring it in depth from several different angles and news sources. Wermz is free and available to download now on iPhone and iPad and on iOS 7.1 or later. For more information, visit