Curious Launches 'The Curious Game of Lifelong Learning' and Curious Quotient (CQ) Wheel to Offer Personalized On-Demand Learning

Company Unveils New iOS Application to Help People Grow their CQ (Curious Quotient) By Learning Something New Everyday

Mar 10, 2016, 06:00 ET from

MENLO PARK, Calif., March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --, an online learning company, today announced the launch of the "Curious Game of Lifelong Learning" available on the web and on iOS mobile devices, offering people the chance to fit learning into their daily lives anytime, anywhere. With its new game of lifelong learning, Curious now allows anyone to measure, discover and build their CQ (Curious Quotient) through a series of customized, daily learning recommendations. After taking a brief CQ interview to identify learning preferences, users create a CQ Wheel complete with goals and the ability to track progress across eight key knowledge areas. Based on research that shows people who stretch their brain and build their CQ (Curious Quotient) for even a few minutes a day are healthier, happier and more successful, the game is designed to help busy people everywhere reclaim 5 to 30 minutes a day to learn something new.

Since its launch in 2013, Curious has facilitated more than 5,000,000 learning sessions and grown its lesson library from 500 to over 25,000 video lessons and courses ranging from Java to Japanese to juggling. According to a recent US News and World Report study, scientists correlate lifelong learning with happiness and mental well-being throughout life. Curious has found that people want to continuously learn, but are often looking for recommendations of what to learn next. With its game of lifelong learning, Curious has created a fun and engaging game that guides people toward their own personalized learning goals.

"From the day we launched Curious, we always said that helping motivate people to find time to learn was the biggest unsolved problem. With the introduction of the CQ Wheel and our new 'Game of Lifelong Learning' we are making a big step in that direction," said Justin Kitch, CEO and co-founder of "Most people will choose learning new things over more mindless activities if you can help them make it a daily habit and wedge it into their busy everyday lives."

Curious 'Game of Lifelong' Learning

At the center of the game, is the CQ Wheel, for users to sharpen their academic, creative, practical, and physical parts of their brain across eight key knowledge areas: STEM, humanities, aesthetic, music, work, play, relationships, mind and body. The game is designed to grow people's CQ. Unlike an IQ, CQ measures a passion to learn, openness to new experiences, and a desire to explore. With an offering of more than 25,000 specially curated lessons and courses, from thousands of quality, trusted teachers on topics ranging from linguistics, coding, personal finance, and yoga, there is something for everyone. The CQ Wheel is all about the learner, revealing what they want to learn and tracking what they've already learned. Lifelong learners should look to fill up their CQ Wheel each month, as it resets with new lessons and goals. Curious developed the CQ Wheel to make learning fun and help learners visualize progress, adapting to the world's appetite for instant access, efficiency and knowledge.

How the Game Works:

  • Start with a brief interview, receive a personalized CQ score.
  • Determine how much time to commit to learning each day, 5, 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Build a CQ Wheel by choosing what sparks your curiosity. This creates learning tracks for all 8 CQ areas that match your interests; every wheel is unique.
  • Each day, receive a CQ Daily Dose with recommended lessons.
  • Learning earns CQ points, which fill up your CQ Wheel each month. offers several options to accomplish learning goals, offering on-demand access to learning on your schedule. Curious offers an introductory version for free and a full access subscription to the entire diverse library of content for under $10 a month. To play the game of lifelong learning, users can download the new iOS mobile application at or go to the website at

In addition to new game of lifelong learning features, the Curious app continues to take full advantage of cutting-edge Apple technology. Key to the ability to play the game and learn on the go, the app utilizes the Handoff feature to allow learners to pick up exactly where they left off, regardless of which device was used to start the lesson. The CQ daily dose incorporates Apple's Universal Links to allow learners to go seamlessly from reading the daily emails to their recommended lessons. The app also uses Picture in Picture, iPad multitasking, App Search and VoiceOver support.

About Curious
Founded in 2012, is an online learning company on a mission to grow the world's CQ (Curious Quotient) through personalized, bite-sized learning recommendations designed to help anyone reclaim 5 to 30 minutes a day to learn something new. The company is home to thousands of video lessons on topics ranging from Swedish, statistics, and sword-fighting, available at an affordable price from thousands of professional teachers. The company enables teachers to market, share and monetize their lessons to millions of learners. Curious is a private company funded by Redpoint Ventures, GSV Capital, Bill Campbell, Jesse Rogers and Justin Kitch based in Menlo Park, CA.  For more information, please visit