Custom Insole Startup iMcustom Introduces In-Store 3D Printing

The First Company to Bring 3D Foot Scanning and Insole Printing Under the Same Roof Now Gives Retailers and Medical Offices 100% Custom Insoles On-Site, and Within 2 Hours

Mar 15, 2016, 07:05 ET from iMcustom

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- iMcustom announced today the official launch of the first-ever 3D scanning and insole printing system that will move additive manufacturing (3D printing) inside of medical & retail stores nationwide giving consumers accurate 3D foot scans in minutes along with a personalized insole recommendation that can be 3D printed in the store, same day. The launch comes on the heels of a successful national roadshow at Sam's Club locations nationwide. Members were offered free foot evaluations and custom and semi-custom insoles at wholesale prices. After the successful pilot, iMcustom will launch its on-site 3D scanning and insole printing system in select venues nationwide.

How It Works

To receive a pair of custom insoles, the process starts with the customer stepping onto iMcustom's proprietary polymer gel scanner, developed with MIT. This soft gel cushion captures accurate (<1mm), 3D foot shapes in a natural position. The scanner outputs a 3D viewer link showing the foot scan, meant to visualize pressure points on the foot and discover potential alignment issues. This foot scan data is then emailed to the customer, all in as-little-as 5 minutes. After gathering the basic foot & health data, the customer can make an informed purchase decision and the iMcustom agent can begin building the custom orthotics. Once the insole file is completed, it is exported to be printed in-store, directly in front of the customer. Customers will be notified at every step of the process, and can watch their print via a live webcam. To see the process in action, visit:

"iMcustom has created a first-of-its-kind system that is quite frankly a game changer for our industry – a process that used to take weeks or sometimes months to produce custom fit insoles has now been reduced to potentially an hour or two, courtesy of our dynamic 3D scanner and 3D printing system," said Glen Hinshaw, CEO and founder of iMcustom.

Benefits of 3D Printing

iMcustom overcomes many of the common pitfalls competing companies face by using the latest in FDM printing technology and utilizing time-tested foot scanning & insole CAD CAM software to deliver an accurate, high quality insole in the same-day.

Current processes and services fail to provide accurate, high-quality insoles & personalized service. Manufacturing is detached in some off-site factory, and foot capture methods are inaccurate and gimmicky. All the while, customers are forced to wait weeks, sometimes months, while their foot mold/scans are sent to an outside production facility that uses expensive and messy techniques, like SLS printing or EVA milling. iMcustom did away with those difficulties by integrating TRUE 3D foot scan data  and using a modular FDM Print Pod system that will help them scale quickly at minimal cost & complexity. iMcustom also developed unique model slicing techniques and material composition combined with hardware made to reduce print times under 90 minutes per pair. Other benefits of iMcustom's 3D scanner and printer system include: reduced cost, environmentally friendly process, the ability to print trial pairs for fitting, nearly zero material wastage and a modular networked infrastructure to maximize production efficiency & load.

Pricing and Availability

iMcustom's 3D gel scanners and printing system can be acquired by retailers or medical offices, looking to capture accurate 3D foot data and service customers with the latest technology without compromising on ease-of-use. Suggested retail prices for the custom insole costs $249.00 and takes as little as two hours to be produced in-store. Initial pilot tests have already begun in Sam's Clubs nationwide. Semi-custom insoles can be purchased in-store or online, too, with prices starting at $89.00.

About iMcustom

In 2004, iMcustom's founder & CEO Glen Hinshaw rode to victory in the World Championship track cycling event in Manchester England. While training, he discovered the benefits of custom orthotics and what differences they made to his performance and health. He quickly noticed how painstaking and difficult it was to make a custom orthotic and vowed to make that process more accessible. Glen went on to develop iMcustom's dynamic 3D foot scanner with the collaboration of MIT & NYP in Singapore. Today, with help from some of the best universities and top industry partners, Glen and his son Chase are on a quest is to bring the technology & development of 3D scanning and printing for real time, custom made insoles to millions of people who need this extraordinary service.

For more information on iMcustom and how to lease or purchase its scanner and printer, please contact sales at or visit for more information.

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