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King of Jewelry in downtown Los Angeles is a diamond in the rough: a jewelry retailer with a shimmering record for customer satisfaction

Jun 28, 2012, 16:43 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- King of Jewelry in Downtown Los Angeles is prompting customers to leave the bargaining tactics behind and enjoy the process of buying a top quality diamond ring.

Shopping for diamond engagement rings leads some couples to try strategies so sophisticated, they almost require a reading of Sun Tzu. "Go alone" some say, "to make sure the jeweler can't play one customer against the other," while others would advise the exact opposite. "Tell the jeweler you're a collector of diamonds, and you're never going to put yours in a setting," is the well-known advice of the occasional grandfather, but their explanations are indecipherable. The real key to having a great experience buying a ring is not to double down on your dishonesty in order to beat the Jeweler at his game; just go to King of Jewelry in Downtown Los Angeles, and watch your diamond purchase unfold with fluidity and comfort you've never imagined.

The proof is in the diamonds, to be sure, and there will be time to extoll the virtues of the stones themselves. But the really reassuring information comes from the reviews across the Internet that make sure you know: getting a ring from King of Jewelry is not going to be an ordeal, any more than wearing your ring will be. On the contrary; it's going to be a pleasure.

The Better Business Bureau rates King of Jewelry an A+ for their customer satisfaction. The BBB doesn't just rate you high for doing your job. Issues with customers arise in every business. It's inevitable. But reviews on the King of Jewelry profile at the BBB page are remarkable. You can read tiny stories there that paint a picture of a truly stellar Jewelry buying experience. Users of the site have arrived frustrated, and bordering on dissatisfaction, but they've had their disputes solved so completely that before long they were thanking King of Jewelry.

Yelp is another great place to read about customers' experiences with King of Jewelry, and once again it's unanimous: King of Jewelry has a sterling reputation. There customers who write reviews tend toward the effusive, never stopping at one "plus" when they rate King of Jewelry an "A+." But what's more, they're able to describe their jewelry in affectionate detail.

And after buying diamond wedding rings such as the princess and emerald cut rings at King of Jewelry, you would too. A wedding is a time in your life when you probably tend toward the sentimental, but annoyance can manifest itself strongly as well, and you'll see none of that here.

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