CYIOS Releases Video on CYIPRO Progress

Mar 24, 2011, 08:00 ET from CYIOS Corporation

WASHINGTON, March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CYIOS Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CYIO) announces today a video that describes its product CYIPRO and the problems it solves. "We use CYIPRO everyday and we have currently 208 mission critical projects ongoing with 1366 tasks; one would wonder how we can work on so much – my answer is our unique process of storing data in CYIPRO," stated Timothy Carnahan, the company CEO. Please visit

"As for sales, we are working many sales models for the Department of Defense & Federal Government and feel we have them dwindled down to one that would work. For investors, any sale of CYIPRO could be a sale for CYIOS services, as we would put a knowledge manager on site with the customer. Under this model, with just 50 sales, we would generate an estimated $1.7M. These are Service Contracts and we believe they're just the tip, as there are thousands of agencies that need CYIPRO and we believe that this is our catalyst for growth," stated Mr. Carnahan.

We are looking at an online sales model for businesses as well; sales here are a bit different in that they are monthly fees – however, if we start with 50 online customers by end of April and retained 97% with 40% growth, we would have monthly revenue of $185K by December 2011, approximately $2.2M per year on top of current revenue. This is a good start; looking a bit further into sales, however, if we continue growth as expected, we could easily hit $15-20M per year by 2012. We believe CYIRPO has as much to offer the private business as it does for the Military and Government," stated Timothy Carnahan.

"Once we start getting some sales, we'll be able to fine tune these estimates and have real numbers to base them upon, and hopefully soon the 10Qs and 2011 10K will reinforce our vision," stated Timothy Carnahan.

About CYIOS Corp.

CYIOS Corporation is the maker of CYIPRO, a business transformation tool that utilizes the first project based operating system (OS). This new project OS is the nucleus of why CYIPRO can transform people, processes and information into a productive, effective and rich environment. CYIPRO securely brings the latest concepts of business transformation and technology to fruition.

CYIPRO is in position to support MANY government initiatives and is based upon CYIOS's experience building the world's largest knowledge management portal, CYIPRO revolutionizes organizations, saves time and money, and empowers staff and management to make decisions based upon lessons learned and organizational knowledge.

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