Cynara to Introduce New Sizes and Varieties of Artichoke Hearts to US Consumers at Natural Foods EXPO West

Mar 10, 2016, 10:37 ET from Cynara

SEATTLE, March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Artichoke Company Cynara is introducing several types of preserved artichokes to the US market in a move that will create new culinary opportunities for professional and home chefs.  The new products include Crowns, which are intend for use as canapés; Grilled, with a smoky robust flavor profile; and a wide variety of new, previously unseen sizes ranging from Florets to Baby and Petite. This expands the current product line, which includes the company's signature Marinated Artichoke Hearts, to six varieties for consumers to choose from.

Cynara Artichokes is a long-standing industry leader in the sourcing and preparation of preserved artichokes. The twelve-year-old company sources the majority of their artichokes from Spain and Peru.  With artichokes growing on two continents, the company harvests the vegetable year round. All Cynara artichokes are processed adjacent to the fields where the artichokes are grown, for proximity that ensures the freshness and quality of the final product. The company pioneered new processing and cultivation methods that ensure tenderness, so unpleasant spiny and fibrous inner leaves no longer diminish the enjoyment of one of the world's favorite food.

"We wanted to offer a product that really elevates customers expectations when it comes to artichokes in jars," said CEO Gerard Jara, "Cynara does just that by having year-around harvest, incredible texture and an unprecedented range of varieties available for our customers."

Cynara's new product line will be unveiled and available for sampling in the US at the Natural Foods Expo West, Anaheim, CA, at Booth 5627.  Cynara Artichoke Hearts are currently available for purchase at the Cynara online store:

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