DabKick Launches New Groups Feature, Allowing An Unlimited Number Of Friends To Watch Media Together And Interact Live

DabKick's Media Call technology recognized as a breakthrough in mobile communications by media and communications leaders such as Ericsson

Jan 14, 2016, 11:02 ET from DabKick

CUPERTINO, Calif., Jan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- DabKick, a free mobile communications app that allows users and their friends to watch media together and interact live, announced today its new Groups feature, a first-of-its-kind communications tool that gives users the ability to enjoy photos, videos and music with an unlimited number of friends in real time. Groups is unique in that it enables multiple people in a live session to select media collaboratively and watch it together while interacting in real time.

Rather than sending a video link to friends and getting sporadic and sometimes delayed reactions, DabKick users can now invite multiple people instantly to a live, private show on their mobile device, where entertaining photos and videos and various music can be played while everyone watches, chats, talks and laughs together.

"DabKick changes the way you connect and communicate with your friends. Unlike anything else available on other live communication apps, DabKick's Groups feature brings a true, in-person experience," said Balaji Krishnan, founder of DabKick. "The best form of entertainment comes when you and your friends are together in the same room. Groups provides that same experience -- enjoying photos, music and videos together and interacting live -- on your mobile device regardless of your actual location. This has never been done until now."

DabKick invented the Media Call, a new form of communication which lets you watch nearly any form of digital media — video, photos, music — together in real-time regardless of where you and your friends are. Media Call, the next generation of live communication, surpasses audio calls and video calls of the past and brings a new, engaging experience and emotional connection among users.

DabKick's 'Media Call' has garnered attention from big players like Ericsson in the media and communication space.

"As Ericsson is a leader in the media space, we are very excited about DabKick's innovative new 'Media Call' technology," said Diomedes Kastanis, Vice President, Head of Technology­ CTO, Software Solutions Ericsson. "It's a new way to interact live with your friends using media as the focal point for communication. Media­-based live communication creates significant opportunities and DabKick's new Groups feature changes the way media is discovered, distributed, and consumed at scale. This will be of great interest to telcos and media companies."

With the new Groups features, DabKick users can:

  • Watch online videos, share photos from their camera rolls and listen to music together in a live session with one or more friends;
  • Instantly create groups with an unlimited number of friends to watch media together;
  • Watch media together and interact live with like-minded people by joining public groups;
  • Explore freely available content from FOX, Warner Brothers, Disney and others when watching media through their dedicated channels;
  • Chat using text or emojis and talk while watching media together;
  • Create playlists and start a live session directly from the music player;
  • Add or follow people and celebrities from the DabKick community;
  • Leave offline messages, if friends are not available for live sessions, so they can 'dab' back quickly;
  • Search the web, show images and watch videos together in live sessions.

With a fast growing community on both iOS and Android, DabKick works over all mobile and WiFi connections on any device. Users don't have to be on the same network to create live sessions. Your friends don't even need to install the app to see what you're showing. Show media together to anyone with a phone number or email.

Groups is the most recent in a string of updates to DabKick, including a complete redesign and the launch of the app for Android users.

The DabKick app is available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play.

About DabKick

Founded by Balaji Krishnan in 2012, DabKick is a free mobile communications app that allows people to interact live with friends while watching videos, showing photos and listening to music together. DabKick creates a fun, in-person experience that allows you and your friends to chat live while enjoying media together. Current investors include GREE, Digital Garage, Visionnaire Ventures, Plug & Play, GVA and PointGrey ventures.

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