Dachis Group and Jive Join Forces to Advance Social Business Adoption

Jun 14, 2010, 15:52 ET from Jive Software

AUSTIN, Texas, June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Dachis Group announced a partnership with Jive Software to more effectively develop and implement social business initiatives. For the first time, a social business strategy leader and a social business technology leader have joined forces to advance the social business industry. The companies will collaborate on product development and vertical industry best practices.

Together, the companies will create and deploy solutions that align directly with common challenges in the social space such as noise filtering, information architecture and policy enforcement.

"Both Jive and Dachis have a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge around social business technology and strategy," said Jeffrey Dachis, CEO and Founder of Dachis Group. "Working together, we can build on Jive's technology expertise to shape products that directly address the biggest problem faced by business today, cutting through the noise."

The partnership consists of two major components:

  • Product innovation and feedback

Jive will work with Dachis to guide Jive's product development process, driving greater value for

customers of both companies.

  • Creation of best practices for vertical industries

Jive and Dachis will collaborate on a series of best practices research that both companies

can use to drive competitive differentiation for customers.

Through the partnership, Dachis and Jive will gain access to a much broader set of client feedback. This will lead to more ideas, new product directions, and a comprehensive vetting of product developments prior to going to market. The Jive/Dachis partnership will result in a robust set of customer resources, including case studies, best practices and guidelines for implementing and managing social business in the financial services and retail industries.

"As the social business software market matures, the need for vertical specialization in key industries becomes greater," said Matt Tucker, Co-Founder and CTO of Jive Software. "Dachis Group's wealth of knowledge on the implementation, challenges and market needs for social technologies is a strong complement to Jive's leading social business software."

About Social Business

Social Business is the new way to engage employees, customers and the social web. Social Business Software (SBS) combines the power of community software, collaboration software, social networking software, and social media monitoring offerings into an integrated suite. Just as social technologies have changed our personal lives, Social Business is changing how enterprises create competitive advantage. SBS is emerging as the most important new enterprise software category in a decade. Analysts project that the SBS market is growing in excess of 25 percent per year and will reach nearly $5 billion by 2013.

About Jive - The New Way to Business

Jive is the largest and fastest growing independent Social Business Software company in the world. For more information, visit www.jivesoftware.com.

About Dachis

Dachis Group has developed a framework for Social Business Design by addressing organizational change across business systems, process, and culture.

Dachis Group provides professional management consulting and advisory services, process design, program management, information design, marketing, change communication, and technical implementation services across three main practice areas: Customer Participation and Engagement, Workforce Collaboration, and Business Partner Optimization.

Dachis Group serves global companies including: Alcatel, AXA, BP, Best Buy, British Airways, Citigroup, The Coca-Cola Company, DeVry University, Intuit, Southern Company and Yum! Brands.

Dachis Group (Dachis Corporation, Inc.) was created to unlock the value of social technologies for large corporate enterprises. Founded in 2008, by Jeffrey Dachis, Dachis Group services companies all around the globe with offices in seven cities in five countries. Dachis Group is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Portland, Oregon, St. Louis, Missouri, London, England, Sydney, Australia, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Madrid, Spain. Dachis Group operates as Dachis Group, Headshift, part of the Dachis Group, The 2.0 Adoption Council, part of the Dachis Group and XPLANE, part of the Dachis Group.

The company's strategy is backed by a commitment from Austin Ventures to build and grow organically and through acquisitions.

If you are interested in finding out how Dachis Group can help your business, contact: inquiries@dachisgroup.com.

For more resources: Stay on top of the most current thinking on Social Business Design in the Dachis Group Collaboratory: http://www.dachisgroup.com/blog.

To learn more about Social Business Design, download our Social Business Design white paper free of charge: http://www.dachisgroup.com/PDFs/Social_Business_Design.pdf.

SOURCE Jive Software