Dad's the Word as Former England Footballer Martin Keown Tips Brazil to Lift Trophy

Jun 10, 2010, 12:45 ET from Topps Ltd

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With the FIFA World Cup starting this Friday, former Arsenal and England defender Martin Keown has revealed who he thinks will be lifting the trophy on July 11th.

Keown said, "I'm backing Brazil to win the World Cup. With guys like Kaka and Luis Fabiano they have the talent to make the difference in tight games. England are capable of winning the competition and I dearly hope they do but I haven't been impressed by the build up. Fabio Capello still doesn't seem his best side, which is a bit of a concern."

Keown, capped 42 times for England, will be in South Africa for this summer's tournament but has his eye on an important game that will be taking place back at home.

"I'll be in South Africa working for the duration of the tournament but I'm sure my two boys will be playing plenty of Match Attax in my absence. It's a good family game."

Match Attax, a collectable trading card game developed by Topps, has been a playground phenomenon for the past 3 years. The current Official England collection features all the top players and is getting kids talking football in the playground.

"I think the Match Attax collection is excellent and a great way for kids to get to know the names of the players who are involved in the World Cup Finals. I used to collect this type of set when I was a youngster so it's good to see today's generation doing the same."

As well as collecting the cards, it is the Match Attax game which Keown really enjoys.

"The game itself is also a nice initiative because it gives fathers like myself a new way of interacting with our children. I've played it with my youngest son and even if I do end up on the losing side sometimes it is still good fun!"

For Topps, getting Dads playing Match Attax with their children is important. Rod Pearson, Marketing Director at Topps, said, "It's great to see kids taking on their Dads and more often than not beating them! Match Attax is a simple game that can become incredibly strategic. It's about knowing the stats of the players and second guessing your opponent. Children have an incredible memory and so tend to do very well.

"Research has shown us that it tends to be Dads who buy Match Attax for their kids, so it's important for us to get them involved and playing the game"

Topps Match Attax, the Official England Collection, is currently on sale at local newsagents and other High Street retailers. Packets cost 50p.

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