Daily's Answers the Call for Lo-cal Cocktails

Dec 03, 2010, 13:19 ET from American Beverage Corporation

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- What is the real "skinny" on minimizing calories in your margarita?

It was just a matter of time until the trend of mixing fancy cocktails led to a demand for low calorie offerings.  But, since most alcoholic spirits start out with a fairly high calorie count, the quest to "have your cocktail and drink it guilt-free, too" requires information, the right ingredients, and careful mixology. One popular cocktail mix brand, Daily's Cocktails, has dedicated itself to being able to provide all of the above.

You have to start somewhere, so Daily's first set a standard for what the calorie count would be in a "lower calorie" cocktail? "The acceptable range that we're using for lower calorie cocktails is anywhere from about 70 calories up to about 200," says Molly Boras of American Beverage Corporation. "When you order these types of drinks at a restaurant or bar, you have no idea of the calorie count, but it typically is at 500 calories or more." Ouch!  So Daily's set out to help its consumers know how to enjoy a professional quality cocktail without the huge calorie totals.

First, there's the easy way: using pre-mixed cocktails with the alcohol already in them. This is a one-step solution for bartender quality cocktails, like Pomegranate Margaritas, Mojitos, Cosmopolitans and Lemonade with only 110 calories per 4 oz. serving. These yummy cocktails are available in Daily's Ready Drink 4 packs, or in cool, convenient boxes that serve 10 drinks, and fit neatly in a fridge or cooler.

If you prefer to refine your bartending skills and mix your own cocktails, Daily's has developed a collection of recipes to guide and inspire you.  "We turned to our favorite mixologist," says Molly Boras, "Joe Bruno, who runs the country's #1 bartender training school, and challenged him to create cocktails that are contemporary and stylish, but also low in calories."

The result was 10 Low Calorie Drink Recipes that taste delicious, without a hint of calorie-cutting sacrifice. "Awesome cocktails that are low in calories are the Grail, so I had lots of very creative emerging bartenders wanting to help me on this. The other challenge was to make sure the drinks are easy to prepare and don't require ingredients that are hard to find."

There's another side benefit to many of these cocktails, because they use slightly less alcohol than standard mixed drinks. So, if you're looking to keep an eye on drinking responsibly, they are also a perfection solution.

You can see all the Daily's low calorie cocktails when you visit dailyscocktails.com, but here are a couple of very easy examples:

Wine Fooler

2 oz. White Wine

1 oz. Daily's Raspberry Mix

1 oz. Daily's Pomegranate Mix

2 oz. seltzer or club soda

TOTAL: 125 calories

Key Lime Pie

In a champagne saucer

1 oz. dark rum

3 oz. Daily's Lime Juice Mix

Top with 4 bar spoons fat free whipped cream

Rim saucer with crushed graham crackers

Daily's Cocktails are manufactured by American Beverage Corporation. ABC, a diversified non-carbonated beverage company, is part of the multi-billion dollar Dutch food group Royal Wessanen. Visit www.dailyscocktails.com

SOURCE American Beverage Corporation