Dais Analytic Corporation Announces Product Sale to Asia, Functional Waste Water Treatment Pilot, and Key Infrastructure Appointments

Dais Analytic Corporation achieved its first major ConsERV™ product sale in Asia, completed the build and turn-up of a functional waste water treatment pilot system based on its Aqualyte™ nanomaterial, and is strengthening its senior management team.

Jun 05, 2013, 10:06 ET from Dais Analytic Corporation

TAMPA, Fla., June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dais Analytic Corporation (OTC.BB:DLYT), a nanotechnology materials and process company focused on commercializing its technology in the worldwide energy and water markets, proudly announces the following as part of its strong 'go to market' strategy:

-         Dais Analytic has successfully completed two key milestones during Q2 of 2013.

  • The Company is excited to announce it received an initial order for its ConsERV cores and systems useful in most forms of HVAC equipment built around its Aqualyte™ nano-materials from a specialty engineering service company in Beijing, China. The first deployment of the ConsERV technology is at the first building of a 45-building complex. The systems and materials are projected to ship by July of 2013. International expansion in markets outside of the Americas is a key part of Dais's stated long-term strategy.

  • The Company exceeded its goal by completing the design, build and production of a pilot wastewater treatment device (based on the Company's "NanoClear™" process), located near a Pasco County, Florida municipal wastewater treatment facility, before the end of the second quarter. The NanoClear™ unit began to produce clean water from contaminated wastewater nearly a month early.  The unit will undergo rigorous testing and monitoring. The project was undertaken to showcase the projected superior functionality of Dais's Aqualyte™ nano-materials and novel process in harsh wastewater uses over existing products for the cleaning of contaminated water.                                                                                                      

-         The Company and its Board of Directors made the following executive team additions:

  • Joyce Conner-Boyd has now joined the Company as its Chief Operating Officer.  She was previously with SoftServe Inc., where she was the Senior Vice President of Vertical Markets. Prior to SoftServe, Joyce spent fourteen years with HealthPort Technologies, (formerly Smart Document Solutions), in various executive roles creating strategic operations, and delivering significant performance improvements in growing markets.

"I am thrilled to join the Dais Analytic team," says Conner-Boyd. "Dais Analytic, in my opinion, has demonstrated superior forethought and vision as it developed its nano-materials and sustainable applications providing 'complete answers' to challenging industry problems in the management of our precious resources of water and energy.  This is truly a highlight of my career being provided the opportunity to implement the Company's strategy by building and deploying 'high performance teams' with a honed sense of the business mission coupled with the technical depth best served to accelerate growth of this innovative world-class firm. The depth of the existing Dais team's efforts, plans and products thrill me along with the opportunity accelerate the products' commercialization."

  • Brian M. Johnson has been promoted to the position of Chief Technology Officer of the Company. "Brian's creativity, contributions, and team oriented management style have benefitted Dais for the last fourteen years. As CTO Brian is quickly adding a much-needed dimension of creating relationships and expanding awareness of Dais and its technology alike. He is emerging as a leader within his field, and with key industry and academic experts in the field of nanotechnology. His leadership will further define the underlying technologies and processes Dais uses – and will use – to commercialize disruptive materials-based applications," said Tim Tangredi, President and CEO of Dais.
  • Stephen Baker, an experienced product developer, has been added to the Dais team as its Chief Engineer, and Director of the Company's Product Development and Quality Team. "Stephen possesses a rich knowledge of the fundamental aspects of engineering, and has a demonstrated successful background in project management. Together he will work with our technical team, customers, and strategic partners to move the Company's technologies into the market," said Joyce Conner-Boyd, Dais's Chief Operating Officer.

About Dais Analytic Corporation

Dais Analytic Corporation (OTC.BB: DLYT - News) is commercializing its innovative Aqualyte™ family of nano-structured materials and processes focusing on evolutionary or disruptive air, energy and water applications. The uses include:

  • ConsERV™, a commercially available engineered energy recovery ventilator (an HVAC product) useful for efficient management of ventilation air's temperature and moisture content using the energy found in the outgoing 'stale' air stream to pre-condition the incoming fresh air often saving energy, CO2, and allowing for equipment downsizing;
  • NanoAir™, a beta-stage water-based, no fluorocarbon producing refrigerant cooling cycle useful to replace the existing gas based compression cooling cycle in most all forms of air-conditioning and refrigeration saving a projected 50% in energy and CO2;
  • NanoClear™, a beta-stage method for treating contaminated water (sea, waste, industrial) to provide 1,000 times cleaner potable water; and;
  • NanoCap™, which holds promise to use the Aqualyte™ family to form a disruptive non-chemical energy-storage device (an ultra capacitor) when completed for use in transportation, renewable energy, and 'smart grid' configurations.

Each use demonstrates the diversity of Dais' core product - Aqualyte™ - the family of nano-structured polymers and engineered processes having a focus on minimizing consumption of irreplaceable natural resources, and ending the degradation of our environment. To find out more about Dais please visit www.daisanalytic.com, and to learn more about ConsERV please visit www.conserv.com.

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