Daisy Fuentes Graces the August/September Cover of Siempre Mujer

'I don't want to be surrounded by energy suckers, gossips and emotional vampires,' she says.

Jul 27, 2010, 10:00 ET from Siempre Mujer

NEW YORK, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Model, actress and author of the new book "Unforgettable You," Daisy Fuentes, appears on the August/September cover of Siempre Mujer magazine.  Fuentes posed for a Manhattan shoot with photographer Omar Cruz and sat down with Editor-in-Chief Maria Cristina Marrero for a revealing interview about how she has evolved over the past 20 years in the spotlight, what she looks for in a man and what she wants most from life.  A behind-the-scenes Siempre Mujer TV segment featuring Fuentes at her photo shoot will run on SiempreMujer.com this month.

Excerpts from her cover story follow:

About the types of people she avoids at all costs:  "I don't want to be surrounded by energy suckers, gossips, people who I call emotional vampires, who spend their time talking about others without looking at themselves...I think it's people with small minds that talk about others, and those with big minds that speak about important issues and what's happening in the world."

About how technology has made women less graceful:  "Twitter and Facebook don't help.  Many women reveal too much information.  The woman is acting like the man.  It's much more aggressive and men catch on quickly.  If they get used to that behavior, then men will think there's no need to woo or seduce women."

Her secrets to being won over by a man:  "It's simple: let it happen.  Remember that men and women are similar, but not the same.  Women have to act like women and let men be men.  We are soft and delicate by nature and that's what men look for in us."

About what she's looking for in a man:  "I want to sit back and be impressed.  Allow me to fall in love.  I want the man to be a man and it to be clear that I'm the woman...I don't want to make the first move.  I have too many decisions to make in my life and the last thing I want to have to do is take control of my relationship."

About her old-school dreams:  "There used to be nothing as important as keeping my afro in place and driving a Camaro.  I was a regular girl who never thought being on television was even an option."

About how she's evolved:  "I'm very unique.  I'm successful.  Now, it's not about the money or the Camaro – it's about being sincere, open to love and capable of compassion."

About living in the now:  "I don't know if I'm more beautiful now, but I'm definitely happier.  Because there's nothing like being young and there are elements of that that I miss...But I've tried to understand what's really important for me.  Because that changes as we age.  For example, now I'm only interested in living in the present.  The past is in the past and the future hasn't arrived yet.  So, I focus on the here and now."

About what else she wants in life:  "To be unforgettable!  Who doesn't want that?"

The August/September issue of Siempre Mujer is on newsstands now and also includes stories on how to make a great first impression, starting a fitness routine, fall fashion trends and all you need to know about plastic surgery.  For more, please visit siempremujer.com.

SOURCE Siempre Mujer