Dancing Bears Not Just for Dead Heads: Meet Green Shaman, Wise Spirit of an Arctic Polar Bear in a New PlanetGreen.com Animated Short Series

--Online Series Premiere on Monday, February 15--

Jan 14, 2010, 15:20 ET from Planet Green

SILVER SPRING, Md., Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Hipster urbanite DJ ChloroPhil is not your typical, run of the mill environmentalist.  He's devoted everything to living in peaceful harmony with the planet: healthy eating, low-impact travel, sustainable energy–the perfect green lifestyle. Or so he thinks.  One night at his club, while burning some mysterious "eco-friendly" incense, Phil unwittingly summons the spirit of an arctic polar bear who informs him that he still has room for improvement. Lots of room. Appearing at the most inappropriate times and accompanied by his musical mystics, the Spirit Singers, Bear helps Phil find his way to a better way of living and a greener good.  Making its premiere on Monday, February 15, GREEN SHAMAN is a new six-part animated 90-second short-form series on PlanetGreen.com.

"GREEN SHAMAN is a great addition to our original short-form programming for PlanetGreen.com," said Ken Rother, Vice President for Planet Green Interactive.  "The characters are hilariously absurd, and the rough and choppy production design has a decidedly recycled feel which engages the viewer on a whole other level."

Throughout this six-part animated short series, viewers engage with Phil and Bear, the Spirit of a polar bear with a passion for change with secrets for a healthier planet.  Each 90-second episode features an informative nugget of wisdom that even the most environmentally conscious folks may find surprising.  Episodes include:

GREEN SHAMAN: Smells Like Green Spirit

PlanetGreen.com Premiere: Monday, February 15

Recovering from a late night, Phil's freshening up in the bathroom. Bear appears to deride Phil on his unsafe choice of deodorant, but Phil claims that his non-aerosol stick's fine. Spirit Eagle disagrees and sings about the power of baking soda.

GREEN SHAMAN: Pedal of Honor

PlanetGreen.com Premiere: Monday, February 22

Late for a gig at the club, Phil tries to pick his ride: his moped or his scooter. Which is more eco-friendly?  What's the impact from the tradeoff of speed for green? Bear appears and calls upon Spirit Cheetah who suggests that Phil rides a bike.

GREEN SHAMAN: Again, From the Tap

PlanetGreen.com Premiere: Monday, March 1

At the club, a dehydrated Phil takes a sip of organic bottled water, Bear appears and explains that bottled water's just not enviro-friendly and leans on Spirit Manatee to sing about the ecological virtues and tastiness of tap water.


PlanetGreen.com Premiere: Monday, March 8

Bear's excited to hear about Phil's impending green date, but warns that Phil's overuse of electricity may be a real turnoff. Bear calls on Spirit Opossum who sings a rocking tune about shutting off the gadgets of our lives.

GREEN SHAMAN: Shirt's So Good

PlanetGreen.com Premiere: Monday, March 15

Preparing for his first green date, Phil is about to buy a 100% organic cotton T-shirt, until Bear and Spirit Sheep help Phil discover how processing chemicals and metal-laden dyes can trump the organic cotton and good intentions of the shirt.


PlanetGreen.com Premiere: Monday, March 22

At a restaurant, Phil orders the organic house wine, as he waits for his green date to arrive. Bear tells Phil that the non-local wine could mean green date disaster. Spirit Sperm Whale delivers a romantic serenade about short-distance relationships.

GREEN SHAMAN is a six-part exclusive digital series that makes its world premiere debut on PlanetGreen.com on Monday, February 15.  GREEN SHAMAN is produced for PlanetGreen.com by Big Fat Brain.  Troy Hitch is creator, writer and executive producer.  For PlanetGreen.com, Katie Morton is executive producer.

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