Dangers of "Crash Fitness": Gold's Gym Reveals Top Five Gym Injuries Associated With the Summer Shape-up Season

Leading Authority on Health and Fitness Reports Shoulder and Neck Injuries as the #1 Most Common Fitness-Related Injury during the Pre-Summer Months

Jun 06, 2012, 09:00 ET from Gold's Gym

DALLAS, June 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Bathing suits, summer Fridays, an influx of people at the gym – these are all signs that summer is on its way. As body-conscious consumers make their way to the gym to prep for sundresses and shorts, many will experience the unfortunate consequences of "crash fitness" – what happens at the gym when you try to do too much, too quickly – particularly after months of sedentary behavior.  In order to help combat the uptick in pre-summer gym injuries, Gold's Gym, the leading authority on health and fitness, is revealing a list of the top five most common gym injuries to be wary of.

Enlisting the help of Gold's Gym Fitness Institute member and celebrity personal trainer, Robert Reames, Gold's Gym compiled a top five list of the most common injuries seen at the gym during the months leading up to summer workouts, when consumers tend to overexert themselves at the gym, hoping to see immediate results. 

"Crash Fitness affects gym newbies and veterans alike, especially in the warmer months when they are 'crashing' to get in quick beach body shape," says Reames.  "Much like crash dieting can be harmful and ineffective, doing too much too quickly at the gym can actually do more harm than good, creating injuries that can potentially be long-lasting, keeping you both out of the gym and off the beach."

Gold's Gym and Reames together compiled the following top five injuries that people succumb to in the scorching summer months while "crashing" at the gym and what you can do to prevent them:

  1. Shoulder/neck injuries:  "Due to today's volume of computer work, work in the seated position, driving and just overall poor posture, many people are naturally predisposed to shoulder and neck strain injuries.  Poor posture combined with improper form at the gym can cause a quick unforeseen injury.  Making a conscious effort to improve your posture is a step in the right direction!" 
  2. Lower back injuries:  "Gym-goers these days are often times hitting the gym too hard and too fast with little to no core-training or strength-training beforehand.  Your core is your center and it comprises everything above your knees.  Lifting too much too fast or using improper lifting technique can easily throw your back out.  Check with a trainer if you are unsure of proper technique to maximize your workout while minimizing your chances for injury."
  3. Knee injuries:  "Many people who are looking to 'bulk up for summer' are lifting too much weight. They also have poor excessive range of motion or poor tracking at the knee joint.  Begin slowly and focus on proper range of motion by not lifting too much weight all at once."
  4. Shin splints:  "Stretching plays a key role in avoiding shin splints.  Proper stretching before a workout will help you elongate muscles, provide flexibility and promote healing after workouts are complete."
  5. Wrist injuries:  "Your wrist can be the weakest link of the chain and can compromise your large major muscle groups when working out.  Improper stretching and 'overloading' weight can cause a wrist injury in a matter of moments. Take the weight 'slow and steady' and gradually add more weight to your exercises over an elongated period of time. "

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