Danish Government Licenses Basho's Proprietary Enterprise NoSQL Data Storage Software to Operate Nationwide Medical Prescription Card Program

Basho's Unique Riak Data Storage Software Provides Danish Government With Faster and More Cost-Efficient Big Data Management for National Program, Winning Out Over Traditional Relational Data Software

Licensing Agreement with Danish Government Continues Basho's Penetration of Fast-Growing Big Data Storage Market

Basho Also To Use $5 Million of Newly Generated Equity Capital Raised From Inside Investors in a Closed Round for Further Development of Riak Software

Nov 01, 2011, 10:00 ET from Basho Technologies, Inc.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Basho Technologies, which is focused on the fast-growing NoSQL big data storage market through its unique distributed data store enterprise software, today announced that it has successfully implemented a significant international licensing agreement with the National Board of E-Health in Denmark, through its in-country partner Trifork, under which Basho's Riak software is powering Denmark's national Shared Medicine Card program.  Furthermore, to expedite its growth in Big Data storage, Basho has raised an additional $5 million from existing equity holders in a round closed to outside investors to more aggressively advance engineering and market development of its Riak software platform.

Awarded the Digitization Prize as one of the "best government IT projects in Denmark," the Danish nationwide medical prescription program is extremely large in scope.  It creates, among other things, a comprehensive drug treatment history of every Danish citizen, available to patients, doctors, and medical systems from any device at any time.  

"This licensing agreement that the Danish Government has awarded Basho, through our partner Trifork, validates the operational and cost advantages of Basho's Riak NoSQL software for Big Data storage," said Don Rippert, president and CEO of Basho Technologies.  "In a head-to-head comparison, a relational database proved insufficient to handle the large amount of data required for the project.  Riak's architecture is designed specifically to support Big Data storage and is able to perform four times as many database read and write operations per second as the relational database under consideration at a dramatically lower cost.  Furthermore, Riak's high availability and fault tolerance is critical for a system that maintains vital information surrounding the health and well being of an entire country, ensuring that individuals' data will be retrievable regardless of server issues."

"Basho's Riak application is being deployed for several hundred thousand citizens, and, at full scale, will support 5.5 million Danish citizens as well as additional non-Danish workers and students covered under the program," continued Rippert.  "Riak's flexibility, ability to scale, and low cost of operation make it the ideal software for large-scale projects like this one.  As demand for solutions based on NoSQL databases continues to accelerate and opportunities for these kinds of licensing arrangements increase, Riak's unique architecture will enable us to continue meeting the growing data needs of today's enterprises and government agencies."

"Consistent with the growing customer demand, domestically and internationally, for fast, efficient, and cost-effective Big Data storage, Basho has raised an additional $5 million in equity funding in a round limited to company insiders.  These funds will be used to help Basho build out Riak beyond its 1.0 release, positioning Basho to further expand market share in the growing Big Data storage market and, in turn, enhance the value of Basho for the long term," concluded Rippert.

Basho has now generated total equity funding in 2011 of $12.5 million.  The investors for the $5M round were an investment partnership controlled by Basho's Chairman, Earl Galleher; Don Rippert, Basho's CEO; Eric Brewer, a Basho director and Google's Vice President for Infrastructure; and Georgetown Partners, a private equity firm located in Bethesda Maryland.  

About Basho Technologies

Basho Technologies, Inc., founded in 2008 by a core group of software architects, engineers, and executive leadership from Akamai Technologies, Inc., has offices in San Francisco, California, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Reston, Virginia.  Basho's flagship solution, Riak, is a distributed data store that combines extreme fault tolerance, rapid scalability, and ease of use to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding Big Data management and storage software market.  Designed from the ground up to work with applications that run on the Internet and mobile networks, Riak is particularly well-suited for users of cloud infrastructure such as Amazon's AWS and Joyent's Smart platform and is available in both an open source and a paid commercial version.  For more information about Basho visit basho.com or contact Basho for a trial of Riak.

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