Danube Technologies Announces Webinar Series Highlighting Scrum Project Management Best Practices

Danube's ScrumCORE team addresses topics related to project manager responsibilities, the role of the Product Owner and next steps after basic Scrum training

Jan 11, 2010, 12:59 ET from Danube Technologies, Inc.

BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Danube Technologies, Inc., the leader in project management tools and training for the Scrum project management framework, today announced its calendar of complimentary webinars that will outline six popular aspects of Scrum success, including several specifically designed for project management professionals (PMPs). Danube's webinar series will be presented by its ScrumCORE team. The six Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) who make up the ScrumCORE team are recognized leaders in helping organizations adopt and scale Scrum practices.

"The catalyst for this Webinar series is the increasing need for relevant and practical information that organizations can use to reap the benefits of Scrum," said Laszlo Szalvay, president and CEO of Danube. "These webinars present an opportunity for both the Scrum and the PMI communities to come together and learn from one another and Danube is pleased to be a part of working with all individuals to advance Scrum practices across the enterprise."

The following Danube Scrum Webinars are scheduled for Q1 of 2010:

    -- Definition of Done: An Organizational Perspective
       Mon., Jan. 11 - 11 a.m. - noon (Pacific Standard Time)
       The definition of "done" is a huge part of modern Scrum. In this
       webinar, Dr. Dan Rawsthorne, PhD will discuss how to develop
       acceptance criteria - or definitions of "done" - for different kinds of
       project management stories. In addition, he will explore how an
       organization can use these definitions to maintain consistency and
       educate employees.

    -- Scrum for PMPs: PM Responsibilities & The Scrum Roles
       Fri., Jan. 15 - 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)
       What does Scrum look like to a certified Project Management
       Professional? In this webinar, Certified Scrum Trainer and PMP Jimi
       Fosdick will discuss how the Scrum roles address the
       responsibilities of the traditional project manager.

    -- What Happens After Training?
       Fri., Jan. 22 - 11 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)
       Have you earned a ScrumMaster Certification, but are unsure how to
       apply this skill set to your professional development? Certified
       Scrum Trainer Angela Druckman will discuss what participants should
       know after completing their training and steps newly minted CSMs can
       take to put their new skills into practice.

    -- Choosing a Pilot Project:
       Fri., Feb. 12 - 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time)
       Certified Scrum Trainer Angela Druckman will discuss how
       organizations should identify a potentially successful Scrum pilot
       project. Druckman will explore how to select and measure the success
       of the project once implemented.

    -- Scrum for PMPs: Rolling Wave Planning & Scrum:
       Fri., Feb. 19 - 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)
       Certified Scrum Trainer and PMP Jimi Fosdick will explain the
       mechanics of 'rolling wave' planning within the value-driven
       context of Scrum and discuss how project managers who are used to
       exhaustive, up-front analysis can develop a preliminary schedule
       and budget using Scrum's planning artifacts and approach. This
       webinar is an ideal session for traditional project managers
       transitioning to Scrum.

    -- The Product Owner:
       Mon., Feb. 22 - 11 a.m. - noon (Pacific Standard Time)
       Dr. Dan Rawsthorne, PhD will discuss the role of the Product Owner on
       the Scrum team and the responsibilities and challenges that
       accompany this position.

To register for all or any of the above or future complimentary webinars please visit: (http://www.danube.com/scrum/webinars/scrumcore).

About Danube

Founded in 2000, Danube Technologies, Inc. provides software tools and training exclusively focused on the Scrum method of agile software development. The company's ScrumWorks® Pro and ScrumWorks Basic products are licensed to more than 125,000 software professionals worldwide, making it the most widely used software in the industry for managing Scrum projects. Danube complements its software tools offering with a comprehensive schedule of ScrumCORE(TM) training courses, which are taught globally by Danube's six Certified Scrum Trainers. The company's on-site software delivery model makes it the leading choice for enterprises of all types, including large corporate and government organizations, which require the utmost in security, compliance, ease-of-use and customization. Danube's customers include Adobe, Amazon.com, AMD, F5, General Electric, HP, Intel, Intuit, Kofax, LexisNexis, Microsoft, Motorola, Oracle, QVC, Siemens and Sun Microsystems. Danube is self-funded and has achieved steady organic growth as Scrum has emerged as the preferred agile method for developers and managers. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. and has a sales office in Portland, Ore. Please visit www.danube.com or call (503) 248-0800 for more information on Danube.

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