Dasient Joins the Online Trust Alliance (OTA)

In their Mission to Fight Malvertising, Dasient Joins OTA's Anti-Malvertising Working Taskforce

Sep 22, 2010, 08:41 ET from Dasient Inc.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Online Trust & Cybersecurity Forum – Dasient Inc., the leading provider of anti-malware solutions for websites and ad networks, today announced that they are now a member of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) and will participate in the OTA's recently developed Anti-Malvertising Working Group and Taskforce, created in response to the increased threat of malicious advertising to consumers and to help defend the integrity of interactive advertising.

Founded in 2007, the OTA is an online trust community that promotes business practices and technologies to enhance consumer trust and the vitality of interactive marketing, ecommerce, governmental and online financial services.  Their Anti-Malvertising Working Group and Taskforce, created in early September 2010, is comprised of over three dozen businesses, advertising industry and government representatives. The mission of the Anti-Malvertising Working Group is to:

  • Develop and promote voluntary best practices and guidelines;
  • Develop standardized metrics, report and facilitate data sharing and collaboration with industry and law enforcement;
  • Advance technical counter measures and solutions to help detect, mitigate and block threats;
  • Provide prescriptive advice to minimize threats to consumers; and
  • Protect the vitality of advertising supported online services.

As part of the Anti-Malvertising Working Group, Dasient's CTO and co-founder, Dr. Neil Daswani, will give a presentation and participate in the Working Group's first meeting today, September 22, 2010, at 1:15 p.m. EDT.  In this meeting, members of the task force will review recommendations, operational best practices and potential technical remedies. The meeting will take place during the OTA's 5th annual Online Trust and Cybersecurity Forum being held at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. 

Speakers at the Forum include US Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, Congressman Cliff Stearns and representatives of the Federal Trade Commission, FBI, Direct Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.  They will be joined by over 50 other industry, business and government leaders who will discuss best practices to protect online trust and maintain confidence and vitality of the Internet economy.

"We are extremely pleased to have Dasient as a new member of the OTA and as an active participant in our Anti-Malvertising Working Group and Taskforce. With their deep understanding of malware and specific focus on the threats of malvertising, we believe Dasient will provide invaluable insights and contributions to help protect consumers and businesses from the onslaught of cybercrime," said Craig Spiezle, Executive Director, Founder and CEO of the Online Trust Alliance.

Recent research from Dasient has shown that in Q2 of this year an estimated 1.3 million websites were infected with malware. To help combat this rapidly growing threat, Dasient monitors millions of web sites and ads daily to identify the latest attacks - including those related to malvertising – and has built an Infection Library of over 200,000 unique web-based malware attacks.

"Dasient is proud to be part of this community that has come together to build and promote online trust among consumers and organizations. As leaders in the fight against malvertising, we are confident in our ability to help the OTA drive awareness and education around this fast-growing threat.  By joining forces with the industry, Dasient can leverage its proprietary behavioral malware analysis platform and its strong knowledge base to help shut down bad ads and help organizations mitigate these threats in the future," said Dr. Neil Daswani, CTO and Co-founder.

About Dasient

Founded in 2008, Dasient is an Internet security company that protects thousands of businesses from web-based malware attacks. Dasient monitors millions of ads and web pages daily to identify the latest attacks and has built an Infection Library of over 200,000 web-based malware attacks.  It is the first company to develop a complete Web Anti-Malware service that can monitor, automatically identify, and quarantine malware on websites before it can infect visitors and cause a loss of traffic, reputation, and revenue.  Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Ca., Dasient is backed by a group of investors who include Floodgate, Benhamou Global Ventures and Radar Partners.  More information about Dasient can be found at www.dasient.com and www.twitter.com/dasient .

About Online Trust Alliance https://otalliance.org

OTA's mission is to create an online trust community, promoting business practices and technologies to enhance consumer trust and the vitality of online services. OTA is the only global organization which represents the broad internet ecosystem supporting user choice and control, protection of critical infrastructure, privacy and data governance, promoting marketing best practices, balanced legislation, benchmark reporting, and self-governance.  Through its member companies, governmental organizations and organization affiliates, OTA represents over one million businesses and 750 million users worldwide with regional chapters in Asia Pacific, Canada and Europe.  OTA is governed by a sectorial Board and Steering Committee and is a member of leading organizations committed to collaboration, law enforcement and data sharing including the Anti-Phishing Working Group, (APWG), Digital PhishNet, Email Senders & Providers Coalition (ESPC), InfraGard, Identity Theft Council and the London Action Plan, (LAP).

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