Data visualization pioneer announces SQLdep 2.0, introducing data lineage across the deployment lifecycle

Dec 02, 2015, 09:00 ET from SQLdep

PRAGUE, Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SQLdep, developers of the leading SaaS platform for data lineage, today announced the launch of SQLdep 2.0 – an offering that helps organizations visualize, collaborate, and manage data lineage across the data warehouse lifecycle.

With data sources and data warehouses becoming increasingly complex, distributed, and business-critical, the demands for supporting business intelligence initiatives are growing more strenuous. SQLdep 2.0 enables BI architects, managers, and developers to instantly visualize inconsistencies in data lineage among different environments. This in turn enables efficient impact analysis and root-cause analysis, both of which are required to meet the demands of modern DevOps, continuous integration and development processes.

"We have been working closely with customers across a range of industries. Big data is a cornerstone of these organizations' business strategy. As our customers began leveraging the benefits of data lineage visualizations, we quickly recognized the need for extending this visibility across more than one environment. In fact, architects and managers are often only interested in discovering differences between two environments, so they can quickly grasp the potential impact of changes. When things go wrong, they need to quickly determine what changed during deployment. SQLdep makes that ridiculously simple," said SQLdep CEO Martin Masarik.

"SQLdep is already an integral part of our data warehousing and BI process," said Petr Simecek, CEO, Keboola. "With this new offering, SQLdep is enabling us to visualize the evolution and change of data lineage as it progresses through the lifecycle. All code has a lifecycle–even SQL. This release not only helps us maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation for our developers, but it also enables us to perform in-depth impact analysis in only minutes, tremendously speeding up our development cycle and help us to support our organization's DevOps-oriented CI/CD processes."

SQLdep 2.0 extends SQLdep's existing capabilities by adding support for visual, interactive comparison among various environments, such as development, staging and production. It delivers enterprise-grade reliability and SLAs, premium support options, and enhanced integrations, including support for Teradata, Oracle, Redshift, and MS.

It is immediately available. Existing customers can seamlessly upgrade from existing plans with no downtime or migration effort. For more information on features see

About SQLdep: Czech company, founded in 2012. Developer of the leading platform for the data lineage lifecycle.



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