Datablink Unveils Powerful Tools for Protecting Business Websites and Growing Online Revenues

Datablink Online Services Solutions allow websites to differentiate and protect through advanced authentication technology that far surpasses traditional tokens

Dec 02, 2015, 08:05 ET from Datablink

TYSONS CORNER, Va., Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Datablink, Inc., a global provider of advanced authentication and transaction signing solutions, today launched its new Datablink Online Services Solutions that help grow and secure online business opportunities by protecting against unauthorized website users and password sharing.

The new solutions harness the same Datablink technologies used by enterprises and financial institutions in order to differentiate their business while also protecting critical information and growing revenues associated with a variety of regular and privileged user types, including corporate partners, distributors, sales teams, and of course, online customers.  Datablink addresses the often overlooked link between business expansion and safeguarding user identities as well as their associated financial transactions. 

Datablink Device 200 and Datablink Mobile 200 Options
Through out-of-band two-factor authentication technology, Datablink stands at the forefront of business website protection, enterprise network security, and financial transaction signing, offering a combination of smartphone and hardware solutions that prevent password sharing as well as breaches due to increasingly dangerous malware or social engineering tactics. Advanced authentication and transaction signing options include:

  • Patented optical screen reading with one-time use challenge and response or transaction values and their signature response
  • QR code scanning technology
  • Push/approval notifications
  • SMS authentication is also available for eventual users or backup authentication

The company's unique Datablink Device 200 and Datablink Mobile 200 solutions (see attached photo), deliver top-notch security using consistently simple processes. Datablink mandates that both the user and the authentication device are present, preventing a user from sharing credentials whether they use Datablink's smartphone app or physical device.

"In our Internet-driven world, a business website and its content is often the actual revenue generator for a business," said Shlomi Yanai, CEO at Datablink. "With the introduction of our Datablink Online Services Solutions, we offer a simple, yet easy to use system to protect that vital gateway to growth as well as the financial transaction itself. After all, if a business doesn't know who its true users are, it's undoubtedly losing business and wasting resources. Datablink stands out in the industry, as our advanced authentication technologies guarantee the presence of both the user and the device – all but eliminating the possibility of shared/stolen website credentials or fraudulent transactions."                                         

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Datablink Inc. is a global provider of advanced authentication and transaction signing solutions. Banks and enterprises around the globe rely on Datablink's innovative out-of-band technology to protect millions of online users and transactions every day. Founded in 2014, Datablink is privately held and headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Visit

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