DaVincian Healthcare announces strategic partnerships to further social mission of bringing affordable, quality healthcare to underserved populations

Nov 18, 2015, 19:34 ET from DaVincian Healthcare

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- DaVincian Healthcare, a leading innovator in the mobile health and wellness industry, today announced strategic partnerships with social welfare and global technology companies to help remotely connect healthcare providers with patients in need, particularly those in rural and remote areas of the world. DaVincian's integrated product suite utilizes cutting-edge technologies that were previously commercially unavailable, and when combined, will offer infinite opportunities for enhancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare.

"We're excited to introduce next generation capabilities that will enable better decision making and improve patient outcomes," said Theodore J. Waz, president of DaVincian. "The combination of DaVincian's human, technological and partner resources provides the means for making quality healthcare accessible, sustainable and affordable worldwide."

Among the latest DaVincian solutions to leverage the company's partnerships is the recently announced HealthConnect. This HIPAA secure messenger application allows users to communicate with their physicians through teleconference video and SMS chat. DaVincian HealthConnect is available for download on both Android and iOS. In addition, DaVincian will soon be integrating partner technologies into eHealthyFamily, an online and multi access portal that enables patients, clinicians and concerned family members to seamlessly communicate via text, voice or teleconference.

DaVincian's mission to improve lives using mobile technology will be further advanced through these new partnerships:

  • HelloDoctor24x7 – DaVincian is collaborating with HelloDoctor24x7India, a provider of telemedicine solutions that allow patients to manage their electronic health records, to establish 4,000 healthcare kiosks. Through this collaboration, healthcare will be made more accessible and affordable by leveraging state of the art telemedicine connections with doctors to conduct patient encounters for the under privileged in some of the poorest parts of India, furthering the company's social mission. DaVincian will be incorporating Artificial Intelligence Agents (AIA) and HealthConnect technologies to conduct patient triage in upcoming releases of HelloDoctor24x7.
  • VSee – The world's largest video telemedicine platform, VSee is DaVincian's mobile communications partner. VSee provided the telemedicine platform used by NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Similarly, the technology will allow DaVincian customers to link to the company's artificial intelligence-enabled platform, while providing a secure, encrypted and HIPAA compliant platform for all mobile communication services through low bandwidth networks worldwide.
  • Beyond Limits – DaVincian's exclusive collaboration with Beyond Limits, a world leader in advanced Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Artificial Intelligence Agents (AIA) and complex search analytic technologies, has enabled the company to integrate an intelligent data switch with AGI capabilities into DaVincian's and their partners' products, enhancing outcomes, quantifying performance and reducing costs through advanced analytics and informatics. Beyond Limits licensed the inferential AGI engine that powered NASA's Mars Rover and deep-space exploration, providing the ability to make autonomous decisions in real-time by processing and correlating data, and then giving it meaningful use. DaVincian, which has exclusive global healthcare rights to the technology, will apply the same principles in a healthcare setting to enable clinicians and patients to make better decisions and significantly improve preventive medicine.

About DaVincian Healthcare

DaVincian is a leading innovator in the mobile health and wellness space. We enable healthcare solutions that improve clinical and financial outcomes and enhance patient engagement by intelligently and securely connecting mobile applications, mobile devices, healthcare expertise and healthcare data. DaVincian's PaaS data switch technology, coupled with powerful artificial general intelligence and HIPAA compliant data transport capabilities, enhance interactions and interoperability within the healthcare ecosystem. Our revenue cycle management platform bridges gaps between healthcare providers, patients and payers and infuses transparency and accuracy to health transactions.


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