Daylight Savings' Grace: Anna's Linens Makes Losing One Hour Of Sleep Less Of A Pain In The Neck

National Home Goods Retailer Offers Expert 'Pillow Talk' on How to Select the Best Pillow for One's Sleep Position

Mar 06, 2013, 10:30 ET from Anna's Linens

COSTA MESA, Calif., March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Many are already dreaming about the extra sunlight daylight savings will bring this weekend, but for the millions of Americans who have trouble getting a restful night's sleep, the idea of losing an hour can be an added nightmare.

While an uncomfortable mattress is usually cited as the reason for restlessness, many people don't realize that sleeping on the wrong pillow is also to blame.

Pillows have a tremendous effect on how well we sleep and how well-rested we feel. Sleeping without the proper head and neck support cause headaches, back and neck pain, as well as induce snoring. 

To make getting a good night's rest less of a pain in the neck, Carie. G. Doll, Chief Merchandising Officer at Anna's Linens, offers expert tips on selecting the best pillow for the side sleeper, the back sleeper, the stomach sleeper, the expectant mother and the perpetual snorer.

The Side Sleeper:
You need a pillow that is firm, but not too stiff. The point is to keep your head level and fill up the space between your neck and your shoulder, which keeps the spine aligned. A pillow that is too flimsy may let your neck drop down too low, causing discomfort.

The Back Sleeper:
You need a fluffier pillow, such as one filled with feathers, to support the neck curve, but you don't want it too thick. One's head shouldn't be propped too far off the bed, which is why a thinner feather pillow is often best to lift the chin and head, but not elevate the entire head.

The Stomach Sleeper:
A very thin, nearly flat pillow is best. In fact, this pillow is actually better used under one's stomach, not head, to avoid lower back pain. If you still prefer one under your head, make sure it's allergen-free.

The Expectant Mother:
A pregnant woman's body needs support for the physical stress it undergoes, which makes a body pillow her best investment. A body pillow will best support a pregnant woman's shape and stay in place during the night. It's especially great for the back and legs.

The Perpetual Snorer:
Opt for a memory foam pillow as you really need a customized fit to keep the airways open. This type of pillows contours your upper body and provides support so your breathing passages aren't obstructed.

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