DBS-H Streaming of SQL transactions to Graph DB brings "Panama Papers" style Analysis to Enterprises

Sep 14, 2016, 12:00 ET from DBS-H Ltd.

JERUSALEM, September 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

DBS-H, a market leading provider of continuous, near real-time, no impact Streaming of SQL-based transactions to NoSQL, announced today a significant extension of its NoSQL coverage to include native support for the neo4j Graph database. Graph databases are used for business applications like fraud detection, identity management or real-time recommendations. One of the best known recent examples is the use of neo4j behind the "Panama Papers" story.

DBS-H unlocks legacy SQL-based systems by streaming changes to NoSQL engines in a near real time. DBS-H currently supports wide variety of NoSQL targets including MongoDB, Hadoop (Hbase, HDFS and Kafka), JMS, Cloud storage and, now, neo4j.

DBS-H will be exhibiting these capabilities at the Big Data Showcase at Oracle Open World 2016 in San Francisco starting September 19.

Amos Shaltiel, DBS-H's CEO: "We aim to support NoSQL target of any type that can leverage SQL transactions in near real-time as a result of our advanced technology. We will continue to extend our coverage of the NoSQL targets in order to give our customers the greatest flexibility in choice"

Sébastien Heymann, CEO of Linkurious, developer of the leading Graph data visualization product used for the Panama Papers project: "We, at Linkurious, stand at the front end of presenting graph data to end users in a way that makes the value of this data obvious and easy to utilize. The ability that DBS-H provides to stream real-time data from legacy, SQL-based systems to Graph databases creates the kind of end-to-end flow of core business data to end-user that until now was near impossible to achieve."

About Linkurious 

Linkurious helps government agencies and Fortune 500 companies find hidden insights in graph data for anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, cyber-security or medical research. With Linkurious, it is now easy to search, to explore, and to visualize graphs easily."

About DBS-H Ltd. 

DBS-H Ltd. is a dynamic startup based in Jerusalem, Israel that helps organizations to make existing business data available to new BigData technologies.

DBS-H is backed by the Jerusalem Venture Partners and is led by Mr. Amos Shaltiel and Mr. Michael Elkin both of whom have extensive experience in business critical systems in large enterprises.

Look for DBS-H at the Big Data Showcase of OOW2016 or request a demo at http://www.dbs-h.com/download-cr8

David Shames ,VP Sales