DC Brands International, Inc. Announces that the First ROUGH Cut of the Infomercial is AWESOME

Sep 12, 2011, 09:00 ET from DC Brands International, Inc.

DENVER, Sept. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- DC Brands International, Inc. a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol (OTC:HRDN - News), is incredibly excited today to announce that the first "ROUGH" cut of the soon to be nationally aired infomercial is in, and available for viewing at the HardNutrition website.

The unbelievable team from Script to Screen has taken almost forty hours of footage amassed during all phases of shooting the Fat Fighter Infomercial, and incredibly, reduced it down to the 28:30 time constraint to fill the long format infomercial time slot.

This first version is in the very rough format, and does not include the specific details of the three separate calls to action that will occur during the infomercial. These segments are glaringly obvious, when viewing the rough version, as three black frames with white block lettering titled CTA #1, CTA #2, and CTA #3. This rough version is also void of the eye popping animation and graphics that will be added, and included in the final version of the infomercial.

Richard Pearce, CEO and President said, "I am amazed at the gigantic task that Script to Screen accomplished so quickly after the shooting of the infomercial was wrapped up. To take almost forty hours of footage, and have this fantastic compelling story be told in less than thirty minutes is phenomenal."

Pearce continued, "The way this infomercial highlights the stories of the people that have had weight loss success with the Fat Fighter program, and integrates the complete HARD Nutrition philosophy and approach to nutrition, is just tremendous. I couldn't be more excited about this infomercial, and now have more confidence than ever that the final version will blow everybody away, and I can't wait to see it"

For more information on Script to Screen go to www.scripttoscreen.com

About DC Brands International:

DC Brands International, a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol (OTCBB: DCBR), presently specializes in the manufacturing of its functional beverages and health products. Established in 1998, DC Brands began producing a number of lines of energy drinks in 2005.  DC Brands then purchased the assets of H.A.R.D. Nutrition and began its quest to produce a new health line of products.  DC Brands has recently announced the release of its new H.A.R.D. Nutrition Functional Water Systems, which it expects will revolutionize the functional beverage category.

For more information on DC Brands International, and to view the ROUGH-CUT infomercial, visit its website at www.hardnutrition.com.

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