DDC FPO Hits New BOL Volume Record

Freight Business Solution Provider Surpasses 2.75 Million BOLs Per Month

May 23, 2013, 13:05 ET from DDC FPO

ATLANTA, May 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- DDC FPO (http://www.ddcfpo.com), a global leader in freight business process solutions, announced today that its worldwide team of expert billers, keyers, supervisory staff and project managers have processed a record high of 2.75 million bills of lading in the month of April; this is the highest monthly BOL volume in DDC FPO history.

The April 2013 bill count is up 8.7 percent from last month and up 11.1 percent from April 2012. The surge in BOL volume is a result of completed new client rollouts, such as Brown Transfer Company and New Century Transportation, as well as extended and expanded contracts with existing clients. DDC FPO recently announced that its number of shippers in its contract with New Century has expanded to 1,300 shippers and counting.  Additionally, significant increases have been initiated by Central Freight Lines, Road Runner Transportation Services and AAA Cooper Transportation as a result of added terminals, a stronger economy and growing company resources.

"Our world-class clientele inspires us to stay ahead of the curve," said Art Zipkin, President of DDC FPO. "By providing them with effective results for successful business, we can continue to strengthen and innovate our own solution offering and unparalleled customer service."

DDC FPO digitizes, captures and processes bills of lading, invoices and other critical documents for companies across the global freight industries. DDC's inaugural freight-focused program launched in 2005. Today, the company processes about 20 percent of all LTL bills in the United States with a projected 33.5 million annual BOL volume for 2013.

About DDC Freight Process Outsourcing LLC
DDC FPO is a division of the DDC Group.  The DDC Group has been reducing costs and increasing the accuracy and efficiency of business processes since 1989. Founded on the bedrock of low-cost offshore data processing, the privately owned amalgamation of companies offers a wide range of customized services for clients across the globe. Through additional operations across Europe and Asia, highly skilled and carefully trained staff are dedicated to each client's individual data processing needs. To bring these solutions full circle, DDC has built an extensive network of US-based support for superior project management. For more information, please visit http://www.ddcfpo.com.

Madison Jordan