Dealmakers Prospect Expo Opens Tomorrow in Houston

Record attendance expected of buyers, sellers, capital providers & energy advisors

Dec 01, 2010, 14:26 ET from PLS Inc.

HOUSTON, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- PLS Inc., is proud to announce that its annual Dealmakers Prospect & Property Expo opens tomorrow, December 2, 2010, at the Hilton Americas, Downtown Hotel in Houston, TX across the street from the George R. Brown Convention Center.   The event offers over 130 booths and 700 pre-registrants already.  It appears most industry players are hoping to take advantage of solid oil prices, improving winter gas prices, new unconventional exploration plays, traditional exploration opportunities and overall improving market conditions.  The oil and gas Prospect & Property Expo is also important as it allows oilmen to spend year-end capex or position exploration budgets for 2011.


The event runs from 8:30 am Thursday through 6:00 pm and offers participants a unique chance to look at new opportunities from leading oil and gas exploration firms like Brigham Exploration, Linn Energy, Magnum Producing & Exploration, INEXS, Torch Energy, PetroGulf, Rippy Oil & Gas, Virtex and Yuma Exploration & Production.  Shell is showing a non-core Utah exploration opportunity while Pioneer Exploration is showing non-core assets in North Texas and East Texas.  London based Envoi has a table outlining international opportunities while PLS will be demonstrating its new global M&A data base for buyers and sellers.

Capital sources such as Five States Energy Capital, GasRock Capital and BlueRock Energy Capital are also in attendance with booths highlighting their capital funding capabilities at Dealmakers. The event concludes with PLS' annual Holiday Party and Reception beginning at 4 pm and running through 7:00 pm.

What is Dealmakers---

The Dealmakers Prospect & Property Expo is a unique prospect & property forum for showing, viewing and discussing current oil and gas deals on the market. Attendees will have the chance to browse a broad range of opportunities including conventional and unconventional deals.  Project types include developed prospects, 3-D opportunities, acreage plays, farmouts, producing properties, development projects, waterfloods, royalties and overrides.  

Unconventional prospect and acreage opportunities in the Bakken, Barnett Shale, Eagle Ford,  Haynesville, Heath Oil,  Marcellus, Niobrara and Cana Woodford will be shown along with conventional 3-D prospects in South Texas (Yegua, Wilcox); East Texas (low risk Cotton Valley, Travis Peak or Deep Bossier) and Permian Basin. There will also be producing property acquisition opportunities for review from across the United States including onshore and offshore opportunities.  There are also capital providers in attendance.

Who is PLS Inc.,---

PLS is a unique research, transaction and advisory consulting firm with professionals in Houston, Midland, New York, London and Bangalore.   PLS publishes various reports in the oil and gas industry and offers numerous data bases for active energy professionals.  PLS marketing affiliates handle divestment projects and the firm also provides advisory and consulting services. Its publishing arm has been an active host of prospect expositions since the 1980's. In fact PLS founded the original Summer Prospect Expo now known as Summer Nape.

Additional Background & Market Conditions---

PLS is excited about this year's event as an exclamation point on 2010.  "This has been a transformative year for the oil and gas industry driven by product price paradigms (oil vs gas prices); new technological applications (horizontal drilling & new frac completions); new discoveries (shales) and local regional development (service, midstream and land costs) that demands buyers, sellers and capital providers find quick and easy ways to meet, network and do deals." Said Richard Mason,  Director of Research at PLS Inc., "Prospect expos, property showings, news reporting and multiple listings are just some of today's techniques sellers are using to market their assets, conduct auctions and move as quickly as possible."

"Concerns over new year tax obligations and the rush to spend year end money are additional reasons that buyers and sellers will be getting together on December 2, 2010." said Ronyld Wise, President & CEO of PLS.


The Dealmakers event brings together key industry leaders, decision-makers, buyers, sellers and advisors in the energy industry.  

To access information on the event go to or click on the Dealmakers Brochure

Table of Participants Follows---



Griffis & Small Energy Advisors

Puffin Petroleum Ltd

Alpine Exploration Co Inc

Guardian Oil & Gas Inc

Quantum Investment Grp

Alpine Natural Resources LLC

Guggenheim Partners LLC

Radiant Oil & Gas Inc

Amegy Bank of Texas

Gulf Coast Gas Gathering LLC

Regency Energy Partners

American Energy Advisors

Gulf Coast Midwest Energy

Richland Resources Corp

Anadarko Petroleum Corp

Gunn Oil Co

Rippy Interests LLC

Anderson Oil Ltd

Harrigan Energy Partners Inc

River Bend Energy

Angelle & Donohue O&G Properties

Harwood Capital Inc

RL Adkins Corp

Antares Energy Ltd

Hemus Limited

RLU Oil & Gas Inc

Aon Energy

Herradura Petroleum Partners

Roemer Oil Co

ArkLaTex Petroleum Consulting, LLC

Hillin Interests

Rosetta Resources Inc

Arnold Oil Properties LLC

Holcomb Energy Inc

Row-Oil Inc


Honcho Energy Operating LLC

RSC Resources LP

Aztec Oil & Gas Inc

Howell Oil & Gas Inc

Samson Resources Co

Bahlburg Exploration Inc

Husky Ventures Inc

Sandpiper Energy

Baker Hughes Inc


Santo Petroleum LLC

Barrows Co Inc

Seismic Ventures Inc

Beachcomber Oil & Gas Inc

Imperial Capital LLC

Seven Generations Energy

Big 6 Drilling Co

ImPetro Resources LLC

Shell Expl & Prod

Black Elk Energy

International Petroleum LLC

Shidler Inc

Blue Moon Energy LLC

Intrepid Drilling LLC

Siemens Financial Services

Blue Tip Energy Management Inc

Ironwood Oil & Gas LLC

Sierra Pine Resources Intl

Bluegrass Pacific Energy

Jamex Inc

Sigmund Kane & Hatch Inc

Branan Property Co

Jeffery Williams Properties

Silver Oak Energy Partners

Breitling Oil & Gas Corp

Jerry Sloane Interests

Simmons & Co

Burks Oil & Gas Properties Inc

JMM Energy LLC

Sirrah Energy Corporation

Burleson Petroleum

K Stewart Exploration LLC

SKH Energy Inc

Caballo Energy LLC

Kadwell Oil & Gas Inc

SM Energy Co

Caerus Oil & Gas LLC

Kervin & Kervin Land Services

Snow Fogle & Spence LLP

Callaway Energy LLC

Keystone Exploration Ltd

Sojitz Energy Venture Inc

Callon Petroleum Co

Kimsu Oil Co/Omega Petroleum

Sojourner Oil & Gas Partns

Cameron Mineral Trusts

Knowledge Reservoir LLC

Sooietex Energy Inc

Camterra Resources Inc

Krescent Energy Co LLC

South Oil Inc

Canaan Resources LLC

Laclede Group Inc

Spanoil Exploration LLC

CanAm Energy Inc

Lantana Oil & Gas Partners

Spartan Petroleum Corp

Cane River Resources Inc

LeFrak Organization Inc

Spiller Operating Co Inc

Capital Energy Advisors Inc

Lightning Oil Co

Stallion Oilfield Services

Carnes Natural Gas

Little Pine Resources

Star Production Inc

Carson Energy Inc

Lone Star Land & Energy LLC

STF America LLC

Castlerock Resources Inc

Macquarie Bank Ltd

Stonebridge Capital Group


Magnum Producing LP

Stonegate Resources LLC

Chieftain Royalty Co

Mak-J Energy Operating Co LLC

Sun River Energy Inc

Chuck Voorhies Oil & Gas Properties

Marlin Energy LLC

Sunflower Oil Co Inc

CIBC World Markets

Marshfield Oil & Gas

Sunrise Securities Corp

CIECO Energy Ltd

McClure Oil Co

SunTerra Oil & Gas LP

Cinco Natural Resources Corp

McCord Production Ltd

Sylvan Energy LLC

CIT Energy

McCord Resources LLC

TAG Operating Co Inc

Coastal Plains Exploration LLC

McCormick & Assoc LLC

Tammany Oil & Gas LLC

Combined Resources Group

McCoy Petroleum Corp

TEC Engineering Group

Common Resources II LLC


Tema Oil & Gas Co

ConocoPhillips Co

McGovern Properties

Tensas Delta Exploration

Copperstone Oil & Gas Properties

Melrose Petroleum USA

Texas Alliance of Producer

Covey Resources Co

Meritage Midstream Services

Texcel Exploration Inc

Crawford Hughes Energy Inc

Mineral Investment Corp

TexEx Petroleum Corp

Credit Suisse (IB)

Mueller Exploration Inc

Texla Energy Management

Creedex LLC

Murphy Exploration & Production

TGS NOPEC Geophysical

Crestwood Energy Inc

National Fuel Marketing

The Land Department Inc

Cross Canyon Energy Corp

NBI Services Inc

Third Day Energy

Crosstex Energy Services Ltd

NeoFirma Inc

Tippens Oil Investments

Cypress Energy Development Co

Neumin Production Co

Titan Energy Resources

Davis Petroleum Corp

Newcastle Resources LLC

Tortuga Operating Co

Denali Oil & Gas LLC

Newkumet Exploration Inc

Tradition Royalties LLC

Deutsche Bank Securities Inc

Newton Energy Partners

Trans Pacific Oil Corp

Devon Energy Corp

NGP Capital Resources Co

Traton Engineering Asso

Diversified RE Investments

NGP Natural Gas Partners LP

Trident Steel Corp

Double Eagle Development

Noble Royalties Inc

Tristate Midstream LP

DrillingInfo Inc

Northcoast Oil Co

Tumbleweed Resources

Dyersdale Energy LP

Northwind Exploration

Tyrrell Data Services

Eagle-K Production Co

Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Co

Union Royalty Inc

Endeavor Energy Resources LP

Nova NRG

United Resources Inc

Energy Land Consultants Inc

Offshore Paragon Petroleum Inc

US Energy Development

Energy Royalties LLC

Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse

Vernon E Faulconer Inc Inc

Onshore E&P LLC

Victor P Smith Oil Co LLC

Enertia Software


VirTex Operating Co Inc

Enhanced Energy Partners Corp

Orbit Energy Inc

Vision Exploration LLC

EnRisk Services Inc

Orthwein Energy LP

Wadi Petroleum Inc

Ensley Properties Inc

Osborn Heirs Co

WellEz LLC

ERHC Energy Inc

P&P Energy

Wentworth Energy Inc

Ernst & Young Energy Group

Panther Energy of Tulsa

Western Production Co

Esenjay Petroleum Corp

Patrick Energy Company

Westover Energy LLC

ETROA Resources LLC

Patrick Operating Co

Westward Energy

Exaro Energy LLC

Patrick Production Co

WhitMar Exploration Co

Exor Energy LLC

Penneco Oil Co Inc

Williston Exploration LLC

Express Field Services

Pennington Oil & Gas Interests

Wind River Resources

Falcon Capital Asset Group

Petro-Chem Operating Co

Wolf Energy Inc

Fire Roca Exploration LLC


WolfePak Software

Focus Exploration LLC

Phoenix Exploration Co

World Energy Group Ltd

Fort Worth Energy

Pioneer Exploration Co

Wyldfire Energy

Fortune Resources LLC

Plan B Resources LLC

Wynn-Crosby Management

GasRock Capital LLC



Geodata Exploration Inc

Porter Petroleum Corp

Xplore Oil & Gas LLC

Ginger Oil Co

Primexx Operating Co


GMX Resources Inc

Propel Energy LLC

Yuma Expl & Prod Co


Pruet Offshore Co

Zone Energy LLC