Death of the Laptop/Desktop: The Advent of Slate/Tablet and Mobile Computing in the Cloud

Dec 08, 2010, 14:57 ET from Desktop for life, LLC

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 8, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Desktop for life, LLC (DT4L) has announced a new era in business and personal computing based on the current Slate/Tablet and Smartphone technologies. The Ubiquitous nature of DT4Life's platform allows for device, browser, and OS (Operating System) independence in accessing your favorite productivity software and applications.

DT4Life provides all the hardened security and discipline of the traditional "Glass House" Data Centers with the portability and always on/always there features of today's Tablet/Slate and mobile devices. As enterprise users adopt these new technologies already embraced by today's consumers, DT4Life provides an economical, secure and effective manner for the enterprise to manage the proliferation of these devices while safeguarding company data. DT4L technologies seamlessly allows consumers and enterprise users access to an always on/always there desktop image that is free of the technology constraints (maintenance, virus, patching, backups, Hardware failure) inherent in today's desktop and /laptop environments.

Cloud computing solutions for desktop/laptop users provides a true virtual desktop in the clouds, not a remotely accessible desktop.  DT4Life currently supports:  Mac/OS, Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, RIM, WEB/OS trough a virtual connect interface allowing users to personally select and configure their desktop. Accessible wherever WiFi or Cell service is available while allowing for multiple OS images on a single device.

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