Debut Of Start Up Sports Talk Website, With New InternetTV Program And Sports Tickets Give-A-Ways, All Part Of A New Partnership Alliance With Spectator Productions Internet Marketing and Information Technology Firm

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Apr 04, 2013, 08:07 ET from Bluedude Sportstalk

AURORA, Ill., April 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- /Bluedude Sportstalk/- The Official Site of will be on the web for all to see. The new All-Sports Website will be covering Major League Baseball (MLB), The National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), NCAA basketball/football, new product releases, and much more. The Site is currently in over 100 Countries including Russia, Germany, Canada, China, France, Netherlands, Japan, and the U.K. previews all the major sports teams, athletes, and the game recaps and commentaries.

(Photo: was initially founded in July of 2010 by Founder AJ Harris, and he has built it as one of the prominent sports websites or sports blogs around the world with over 75K Twitter Followers and on social media outlets such as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and many more. Bluedude Sportstalk has it covered from Featured Articles to Q and A's to Everyday Sports Talk for loyal everyday readership. Companies have the ability to Sponsor the website, and their sponsorship will be viewed all over the world daily as well as all over Twitter, Google +, and other social media sites. Later this year Bluedude Sportstalk TV will debut with Live video Internet broadcast that will air one day a week and will have monthly sports tickets give-a-ways to professional sports events all over the world!

Behind the Marketing and IT of is Spectator Productions. Spectator Productions brings expertise in the Internet Marketing Arena and the IT Field to "We are extremely excited that Spectator Productions is part of our Team, and we are looking forward to Spectator adding value to our fast growing website," said AJ Harris, Editor in Chief, Bluedude Sportstalk. "It's our role at Bluedude Sportstalk to leverage technologies and create new mediums and techniques for us to deliver information to our readership. This is the main purpose of our partnership with Spectator Productions."

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AJ Harris, Editor in Chief, as well as Writer, Journalist, and Blogger is spearheading the launch with a background in Professional Sports Marketing to enhance the development of Bluedude Sportstalk provides unique perspectives on major sports from back in the day to modern day, as well as tidbits mixed in from the pop culture we live in today. Mainly talking in season for most sports with occasionally going out of season with a hot topic or breaking news story. The Bluedude has co-hosted on several radio station talk shows, worked in the NBA in marketing, and is a sports enthusiast as well as a sports history buff with sports contacts in many places.

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