Deepak Chopra Drops Suit Against James Walsh

Cross-Complaint Against Chopra, Business Partner Brutoco Also Dropped

Jan 07, 2015, 11:19 ET from HESA Institute

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A mediated legal settlement between Deepak Chopra and James Walsh was announced today that settles a dispute that began in an October 2013 suit filed by Chopra and the Chopra Foundation against Walsh and his companies: the HESA Institute, The Consciousness Project and Intentional Chocolate Company. Walsh and his companies responded with a cross-complaint against Chopra, the Chopra Foundation and one of its board members, Rinaldo Brutoco, and Brutoco's company, World Business Academy.

The parties mediated their dispute, which led to a confidential settlement. Both parties dismissed their respective complaint and cross-complaint.

Walsh released the following statement on the conclusion of the settlement:

"We are very pleased that this matter is now settled, and that all parties can move forward separately. This settlement resolves all of the disputes raised in my cross-complaint.

This collaboration, which created The Consciousness Project, was originally forged to support ground-breaking scientists working to bridge the gap in understanding of the relationship between mind and matter. I, along with the HESA Institute and all related companies, remain fiercely dedicated to this pursuit and its goals. We will focus our resources on the continued funding of consciousness science and on defending the new paradigms against the challenges of existing power structures, groupthink and powerful incumbents.

Looking forward, I believe our support of these endeavors will lead to innovations that will change lives in very measurable and meaningful ways.

I will not make any additional comments or perpetuate any further negative energy about this matter."

Walsh served on the Chopra Foundation's Board of Directors from April 2013 until October 2013, and Chopra served on the Board of Directors of Walsh's HESA Institute, a research company devoted to developing mind matter technologies, during the same period. Chopra was also an investor in the HESA Institute. During this period, Intentional Chocolate Company began production of the Leela Bar, a product bearing Chopra's name and agreed to direct all net proceeds to the Chopra Foundation.

Chopra and Walsh also collaborated on The Consciousness Project, an initiative created by Walsh, which has been kept separate from the Chopra Foundation and the Chopra Center as a non-profit project.

All business relationships and dealings between Chopra and Walsh have been severed since October 2013.