Deetectee's invention of Single Burst™ will make Smartphones, wearable technologies more social and more secure

Technology will end the need for credit cards, passwords and photo ID

Apr 19, 2013, 10:24 ET from Deetectee Microsystems Inc

VICTORIA, British Columbia, April 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Deetectee Microsystems Inc. has invented the first and only technology that enables secure, digital identification of a person in a mobile environment. The invention of Single Burst Optical Recognition™ means that mobile technologies will soon be able to securely and instantly share personal information between people, organizations and businesses.

"Single Burst will change how people interact with their information, their environment and each other," said technology inventor, Edwin Braun, co-founder, Deetectee. "By carrying a secure online identity in a Smartphone or other mobile device, we will be able to enter secure environments, make payments and connect with the people around us without restrictions."

From banking to social media and gaming, the Deetectee team anticipates the patented technology will be in high-demand by developers looking to create applications for a wide-range of technological advancements that will be enhanced by having a simple and secure confirmation of identity.

"This instant and accurate identification of a person means that, in the future, it will be used in place of passwords, photo ID and even the physical use of credit cards," said Braun. "It will change the way we do everything as there simply won't be a need to prove your identity anymore."

Applications and devices that incorporate Single Burst™ will give users control of their online identity and the ability to push it out to anyone in their line of sight. It can be recognized by any Smartphone, including those not equipped with Single Burst™. The information shared could include anything from an online dating profile to highly-secure information required to prove identity at a bank or a border crossing.

"It will revolutionize how we interact with other people," said Brian Purdy, co-founder, Deetectee. "You will be able to see that the person next to you at the coffee shop is in the same line of business or prove your identity to any level of security without identification."

Single Burst™ will work in dark, foggy or smoky environments or in large groups, recognizing multiple people at once. The Deetectee development team has created the technology to be seamlessly integrated into applications and devices such as wearable technologies. It can also work with any existing security system to enhance it and ensure that a digital identity will remain the property of its owner.

The technology can be applied to physical places like buildings and landmarks that can push out information within the surrounding area to educate visitors about a destination automatically and without online searching.

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About Deetectee Microsystems Inc.: Founded by Edwin Braun and Brian Purdy and located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Deetectee is the inventor of Single Burst Optical Recognition™, the first and only technology that enables secure, digital identification of an individual or object for use in mobile applications and wearable technologies.

Deetectee is a leader in the development of patented technologies that create opportunities for people and business. The Deetectee development team has been operating in stealth mode since 2012.

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