Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Selects TKC Global Solutions LLC to Deliver Lumeta IPsonar for Enterprise Network Mapping and Leak Detection

US Department of Defense adopts Lumeta IPsonar Network Mapping and Leak Detection to Reduce the Risk of Intrusion and Service Outages across the Enterprise

Jan 12, 2010, 09:00 ET from Lumeta Corporation from ,TKC Global Solutions LLC

HERNDON, Va., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- TKC Global Solutions LLC (TKC Global) today announced that it has secured a multi-year enterprise contract with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to deploy and provide technical and programmatic support for Lumeta IPsonar®, an Enterprise Network Mapping and Leak Detection Solution (NMLDS) for the Department of Defense Network (DODN). TKC Global's longtime partner, Lumeta, is the leading provider of network discovery solutions for enterprise and government agencies.

TKC Global is an innovative systems integrator focused on providing the federal government with information technology, network management and security and telecommunications solutions. The company collaborates with its technology partners and the Federal Government to deliver the needed integrated solutions.  

DISA has been working with the Lumeta IPsonar solution, which has been deployed on the Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) since 2003. After thorough testing and a comprehensive review of competitive products, DISA chose to implement IPsonar enterprise-wide because of the technology's unique ability to map very large network infrastructures and to identify previously undetected or misconfigured devices and connectivity. This contract makes IPsonar available enterprise-wide to all DoD Networks, Armed Forces Installations, and Military Bases around the globe.

Lumeta IPsonar is the industry's only network discovery product which finds every asset on a network, including assets either unknown or not currently under management. IPsonar maps and analyzes the connectivity between assets and networks to uncover risk patterns and automate enforcement of network policies. Lumeta's Network Leak Discovery identifies unauthorized or previously undetected inbound and outbound network connectivity.

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), at the request of the JTF-GNO, United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) and in support of National Security goals established by the President, intends to utilize this solution with the goal of alleviating network topology awareness gaps within Department of Defense (DoD) networks and integrating that situational awareness of the network into existing DoD Enterprise Information Assurance (IA) management capabilities.

"Lumeta's previous deployment with DISA demonstrated IPsonar's ability to provide network mapping and leak detection on one of the world's largest networks," said David Hickey, Lumeta's President and Chief Executive Officer. "We're also pleased to work again on a large Federal project with TKC Global, who has experience with our system and an excellent reputation within the Federal sector. Lumeta is honored that our network discovery solution, IPsonar, will now be utilized throughout the Department of Defense, providing situational awareness of the enterprise network through mapping and network leak detection."

"TKC Global will continue to provide DISA with enterprise-class network management and security solutions to support its missions," said Juvy McCarthy, General Manager of TKC Global Solutions. "Along with one of our key technology partners, Lumeta, TKC Global is very excited about this opportunity to provide DHS with proven high-end security technologies and responsive customer service."

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TKC Global Solutions LLC, a Qivliq company, assists its government clients in navigating the complex and converging digital environment. The company's services include the delivery of network solutions customizable network servers and appliances, data storage, telecommunications and security management products. TKC Global offers integration services through its certified and skilled team of network engineering, database and security specialists. The company's long-standing alliances with leading technology companies enable it to deliver the promise of high-end technology, efficient operations and responsive customer service.

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Lumeta empowers large enterprise and government agencies with global network visibility, allowing them to understand how network change affects security, availability, and compliance.  Lumeta's IPsonar is the industry's only network assurance solution that discovers and maps every asset on a network, including assets not currently under management. This capability enables IT professionals to analyze the connectivity between assets and networks, uncover risk patterns, and automate the enforcement of network policies. With this level of network assurance, IT organizations can harden security, improve business continuity, and deploy new services without impacting its ability to deliver existing services.

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