Defense Security Information Exchange Commemorates First ISAO Anniversary

The Defense Industrial Base's Information Sharing and Analysis Organization marks the first anniversary of its official incorporation.

Mar 09, 2016, 10:30 ET from Defense Security Information Exchange

WASHINGTON, March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- This month, the Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE) commemorates its one-year anniversary of incorporation as the Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (DIB-ISAO).

One year ago on March 10, 2015, DSIE (known interchangeably as "DSIE", the "Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Organization" or "DIB-ISAO") was officially incorporated as a Washington, D.C. based 501(c)6 organization.  This incorporation both recognized and formalized an eight-year period of trust-based high quality threat intelligence sharing and collaboration among the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) formerly existing within the National Defense Industrial Association.  This incorporation also aligned DSIE, as a successful and growing threat sharing mechanism for the DIB, with the intent of the President of the United States as expressed in Executive Order 13961 which, at that time, had been signed less than one month earlier.

Executive Order 13961 encouraged the voluntary formation of organizations to partner with peer organizations as well as with relevant government organizations in order to most effectively share information related to cybersecurity threats; enabling timely mutual collaboration on threat detection and coordinated response.  Executive Order 13961 also contained requirements that such information sharing be conducted in manners that adequately protect individual privacy and business confidentiality interests. 

DSIE's incorporation as the DIB-ISAO, immediately following President Obama's signature of Executive Order 13961, made the DIB one of the first industry sectors to fully embrace the President's concept and DSIE the first organization to formally define itself and its ongoing activities as an ISAO.

As the recognized information sharing and analysis organization for the DIB and a key partner of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), DSIE exists as a member-based cyber information sharing and collaboration body focused on protecting and defending DIB critical cyber networks and systems and the data residing on or transiting through them.  DSIE membership contemplates key relevant non-DIB companies as well; further embodying the spirit and intent of Executive Order 13961.  Peer-to-Peer collaboration within DSIE benefits industry as well as government by enhancing the protection of National security as well as National economic interests for its 70 member companies who together represent a combined annual revenue of over $1.16 trillion.

DSIE has been operating since 2008 with a membership base that includes founding members General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon according to Wayne Boline of the Raytheon Company, who has served as Chairman of the Board since 2012.

"GE, and all our DSIE partners, benefit from the DSIE collaboration, which enables the swift exchange of actionable cybersecurity intelligence and allows us to be more nimble in taking action on our initiatives," commented DSIE Board Member Jeff Troy. "GE looks forward to continued collaboration as we consolidate analytic resources and work together on the development of cutting edge tools to address emerging threats."

The relationships, communication and trust established among DSIE members has enabled its participants to quickly alert others in industry of ongoing threats and to share mitigation strategies for the protection of defense critical infrastructure vital to national security under their control.  "DSIE continues to be the primary intelligence source for defense industry companies. The growth of the past year will enable us to strategically plan to expand our service/solution offerings beyond indicators of compromise," remarked DSIE Board Member Jay Weinstein. "We plan to be able to share our intel with other ISAOs and intelligence sharing communities."

Through analyst and operator driven information sharing, collaboration, as well as key relationships with DoD, DHS, peer ISAC organizations within the National Council of ISACs, and other ISAOs, DSIE continues its focus of threat collaboration and the implementation of initiatives designed to promote the maturity and effective risk and security practices of the Defense Industrial Base and related entities that participate within its framework.

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