DefenSoft Announced Winner of North America East Coast Region of Global Security Challenge 2011

Sep 26, 2011, 11:16 ET from DefenSoft Ltd.

ANDOVER, Massachusetts, September 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

DefenSoft was announced as the winner of the 2011 Global Security Challenge North America East Coast Region Finals in the Small and Medium Enterprise category for disruptive technology. "… there was one company that stood out far from the rest … DefenSoft". DefenSoft's CEO Lawrence Cassenti (right in the photo) said he is most pleased that DefenSoft's technology was so highly regarded by the judges. DefenSoft will now be going on to compete with the finalists from the four other regions in the Global Security Challenge finals in London, UK on October 25th.  Kris Nybakken, DefenSoft Chairman, (left in the photo and holding the trophy), delivered the winning pitch to make the finals; and will deliver the pitch in London.  For more information on the Global Security Challenge see

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The DefenSoft technology automatically performs an integrated analysis of threat, infrastructure, response forces, terrain, communications, and detection and surveillance equipment to produce optimized mission plans and physical security solutions for international borders, critical infrastructure sites, and areas of military operations; a requirement that has gone unaddressed resulting in numerous unsatisfactory border and site physical security projects worldwide.  DefenSoft's solutions have been recently tested and validated by large scale integrators, and are now being successfully used in the field by military and security forces.  The DefenSoft technology is the de-facto standard to plan physical security solutions by its government and integrator customers today.

There is no longer a need to rely on the builder who is not objective, or to make boundary security plans in the dark based on trial-and-error methods.   DefenSoft's objectivity and unique technology opens your eyes to your cost and security trade-offs by doing the tremendous amount of calculations, that no amount of brain power can do, to place your security sensor and communication equipment, and forces, in the optimum places, and it does it in minutes.  It's the only technology today that can do it (not to be confused with C4I, 3D GIS, or Modeling & Simulation).  For more information on DefenSoft see

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Lawrence Cassenti, President & CEO
Mobile: +1(617)335-2222

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