Deliver Up To 30% More Power Using Your Current Solar Panels for Under $179; Sirius Integrator Introduces Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Charge Controllers

Jun 15, 2010, 10:30 ET from Sirius Integrator Inc.

DEVENS, Mass., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Sirius Integrator Inc. today announced that it has added new Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Charge Controllers to the DOD eMall.  

In many cases solar panels are not keeping batteries charged and mission-critical devices including video cameras, industrial and transportation sensors and detectors, emergency lighting, pumps, and communication configurations are shutting off due to no low sunlight. MPPT Solar Chargers can greatly improve any of these remote configuration's reliability & availability. The MPPT solar charger is a very small incremental investment and maintains all of the existing off-grid solar panel systems.

The major features of the MPPT Solar Charge Controllers are;

  1. MPPT yielding up to 30% more power from existing panels
  2. Low parasitic draw (1/25th to 1/250th of other controllers - at night power usage)
  3. Very good in very cold! (-40 C and below)
  4. No moving parts
  5. Temperature optimized multi-stage charging
  6. Voltage Load Shutoff (to prevent dead batteries)
  7. Auto-restart and restart without a Battery

Sirius Integrator delivers standalone and solar hybrid remote power solutions that keep remote devices powered for day to months.  Sirius offers two exclusive remote power solutions; the SFC EFOY Pro Model 600 (25w) Direct Methanol Fuel Cell and a 1300 wh Lithium-Ion Battery Management System, each under $3000, purchasable with a government credit card.

Sirius Integrator offers customized Lithium-Ion Battery Management systems scalable from 1300 to 13000 whs (watt hours).  They are used in applications where lighter, more efficient, faster charging, safe, remotely manageable longer life batteries are needed.  In-vehicle Lithium-Ion systems could optionally utilize an alternator/regulator to allow a vehicle to quickly recharge the Lithium-Ion BMS.  Solar panels, mountable, rollable and foldable, are available to trickle charge these batteries.   Mobile and stationary custom enclosures are also offered.

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About Sirius Integrator Inc.

Sirius Integrator is uniquely focused on integrating remote off-the-grid power solutions into seismic, wind, forestry, weather, communications, law enforcement, physical & homeland security, and academic applications needing up to 450 watts of continuous power.  The company's focus is providing green hybrid remote power solutions ensuring that mission critical devices stay on for extended periods of time.  For more information visit

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