deltaDNA Releases Independent & Intelligent 'SmartAds' Ad-Management Platform

Jul 27, 2015, 03:00 ET from deltaDNA

SAN FRANCISCO and EDINBURGH, Scotland, July 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Data-driven ad solution combines intelligent player targeting with dynamic ad mediation to increase in-game ad revenues, reconciling monetization with player retention for the first time in one toolkit. 

deltaDNA, the Games Industry's leading analytics and game personalization platform, today announces a major extension of its platform with SmartAds - a new data-driven ad-management solution which combines intelligent player targeting with dynamic ad mediation to increase in-game ad revenues by around 300 percent.

SmartAds achieves this by taking an innovative approach to in-game advertising, where the player experience is placed at the heart of the process.  The addition of SmartAds to the deltaDNA platform provides developers with a holistic view of the entire game economy, for the first time in one environment, enabling them to balance in-app purchasing (IAP) and ad-serving with positive player experiences.

Drawing on deltaDNA's powerful analytics toolset and rich event data, SmartAds ensures that each player gets the monetization experience they prefer by segmenting them into either ad responsive or IAP responsive groups.

SmartAds improves ad-serving in two ways.  Firstly developers can maximize CPM (cost per mille) income as the platform predicts the value of each network and automatically cascades the mediation, based on the ad value in real time and at a user level.

Secondly, developers can maximize impression density and fill-rates by using predictive modelling of player behaviors and player targeting to fully optimize ad relevancy.

In-game advertising can be managed either in "Auto" mode, where SmartAds is optimized to target players and set ad density, based on your game dynamics, or in "Custom" mode, where users have complete control over targeting.

With deltaDNA SmartAds, developers gain access to over 100 ad networks through one single custom SDK, eliminating the implementation and data reconciliation headaches associated with running SDKs from multiple ad networks. In addition, setting up advertising with SmartAds is easy as ad parameters and placement of ads within the game can be set from within the deltaDNA campaign manager.

Mark Robinson, CEO, deltaDNA, said: "We are truly independent and have no inventory to sell; so we are focused on giving developers clear information and tools to optimize their revenues. We've created a solution that fully respects the player experience while maximizing ad revenues throughout the player lifecycle.

"With the SmartAds extension, users become masters of their own data with a holistic view of the entire game economy in one environment.  Our segmentation tools ensure each player gets the right experience.  We know novice players love ads, but expert players hate them so let's give players the experience they deserve through effective use of ads and IAP.

"The super cool thing is that our data shows higher ad revenues come from improved relevancy, which in turn preserves player engagement levels and even increases review ratings, so it truly is a virtuous circle where the player and developer both win."

About deltaDNA 

deltaDNA improves player engagement and lifetime values in Free-To-Play games.  Its technology solution uses advanced data mining and predictive modelling to identify and segment different player behaviors.  Through this insight, players can be targeted with real-time individually-targeted in-game messages offering personalized experiences that increase retention and revenues.

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