Demise of Silk Road Turns People from Drugs to Bitcoin Gambling

Oct 07, 2013, 10:57 ET from BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network

HONG KONG, October 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

An incredible surge of new gamers in the wake of the seizure of Silk Road has rocked BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network. BetCoin ™'s bitcoin casino announced an explosion of new users, spiking the on-page counters past 800,000 total bets processed and 88,000 ($11 million) bitcoins paid out to players. In response to their newest members, BetCoin ™ are releasing several major upgrades to the system within the week, including a major security upgrade for BetCoin ™ Circle, and the addition of a secure alias service on BetCoin ™Dice, with the hint of a new game currently in development.

The media attention bitcoin enjoyed as well as refugees from Silk Road have worked in tandem to provide an incredible influx of new users to BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Casinos, especially BetCoin Dice. The bitcoin market is tumultuous, and consequently exciting to the high-risk high-return investment adrenaline junkies, and BetCoin ™ Dice's high-stakes games make it a premium choice for users who want to win huge amounts of bitcoin. With the attention now on the deep-web market, excitement-seeking new bitcoiners and former Silk Road users look to get their fun from legal, healthy outlets. New players not only enjoy the games offered, but also have used every opportunity to take advantage of the educational portal offered by BetCoin as well.

However, with popularity come such unwarranted plagues as phishing and outright fraud. Some users masked by Tor anonymity software pilfered the static layout of BetCoin ™ Circle and are using it to steal bitcoins from duped players, using a fraudulent "Lucky Circle" website. BetCoin ™urges new bitcoin casino users to be wary; only use trusted, established bitcoin casinos.

BetCoin ™ tech support noticed that most new players in their bitcoin casino are using Tor browsers, suggesting that most of the new gamers are concerned about their privacy. A senior spokesperson responded: "We want to make sure to welcome our newest users with upgrades that will directly benefit them. A great number of them are coming from Silk Road and/or are using Tor Browsers to enjoy bitcoin entertainment anonymously from a legitimate provider. Just because we're not deep-web does not mean that we don't take our mission to grant users privacy and security seriously. This is why we are implementing a major system upgrade this week."

BetCoin ™ is announcing a new layer of security being added onto BetCoin ™ Circle as well as a unique secure alias option being added to BetCoin Dice. BetCoin Dice's leaderboards have also seen an update, making it easier for users to participate in the monthly prize giveaways based on innovative unified leaderboard competitive gaming.

With BetCoin ™ websites holding strong as the top bitcoin gambling site for an incredible six week stretch, the online bitcoin casino had no problem securing its share of the influx of new gamers following the closure of Silk Road and bitcoin's center-stage media coverage. These players enjoy the exciting, high-stakes games on BetCoin ™ Dice as well as the user-interactive BetCoin Circle casino game through anonymous proxy servers and browsers designed for privacy.

BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network aims to provide their users with the premium bitcoin casino portal available, and are consistent innovators in the bitcoin gambling market. Their newest game is almost ready to be announced, and will continue the tradition of multi-million dollar grade, high-payout bitcoin casino games offered by BetCoin ™.

James Mason
Assistant Director of PR, BetCoin ™

SOURCE BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network