Democratic Leader Supports 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act Two Days After Official Support From California Republican Party

Democratic Leader and Former President pro Tempore Don Perata Endorses the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act

Feb 28, 2012, 15:52 ET from 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Just two days after the California Republican Party officially endorsed the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, former President pro Tempore of the California State Senate, Democrat Don Perata, also offered his endorsement.

"The discount is already allowed in California but is controlled by the insurance companies," Perata said.  "This initiative does what most states have done successfully and allows the consumer to control the discount.  This is not a party issue.  This is a fairness question, and as a legislator and policymaker, I always supported the portability of this discount.  It just makes sense."

Perata added that under the present system, California consumers lose their discount if they have a one-day lapse with the company controlling the discount.  Under this initiative, consumers can not only shop around their discount but can also lapse for 90 days for any reason, keep the discount if they are active in the military, keep the discount for up to 18 months if they have lost a job or been furloughed, and if they are living at home with their parents or return home after college.  

"If you follow the law and remain insured, you get a discount," Perata said.

Perata, a leader in Democratic politics for more than two decades, also praised the initiative for encouraging the uninsured to get insurance.  Under the initiative, motorists without insurance will be eligible for a percentage of the discount within one year and get an increasing percentage every year for five years.  

Perata concluded with a word of caution for voters.  "Special interest lobbyists and campaign consultants calling themselves consumer advocates will try to mislead voters about this measure.  I encourage voters to just read the initiative and trust the country's highest rated insurance company, USAA, who has joined me in supporting the simple measure," said Perata.

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