Dental Scares for Kids Around Halloween and Christmas

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MANCHESTER, England, December 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

It's only natural for parents to be concerned about their children's welfare and specifically their health at this time of year. The autumn and winter are often characterised by a great deal of fun for kids, but this fun sometimes comes at a price unless parents are proactive in terms of health and dental care.

Trick or treating is huge fun for children but the prize for the best costumes tends to be a mountain of sweet treats! Chocolate, sweets and all manner of other forms of confectionery are doled out to kids on Halloween, giving them an ample supply of treats for the coming days and weeks.

When those supplies are exhausted, Christmas tends to provide plenty of new stock to replenish the pile. All this is very bad news to young teeth in young mouths. The advice from dentists is for parents to be vigilant at this time of year and to regulate the amount of sweet treats their children enjoy.

The team at 32Whites Dental Care clinic recognise that Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas are fun family events and that traditional sweet treats add to the experience of each event, but the health of the nation's children has to come first.

Visitors to are able to make appointments for themselves and for their children in order to address emergency situations as well as to arrange routine appointments. The site also gives parents access to a network of expert advice when it comes to what their children should and shouldn't be eating.

Of course, the sweet treats associated with traditional celebrations at this time of year are often bad news for more of the body's systems beyond the mouth and parents need to make sure they are always acting with their children's health in mind. As smart and as well-meaning as they are, kids simply don't have the maturity to manage their own sweet and chocolate intake!

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