Dentist Creates Passionate Smiles With Poetry

New book of poems by dentist dispenses hundreds of impulse fleeting expressions with passionate imaginations of lips and smiles.

Reflections On A Smile, Poems To Passion, by Lester Sawicki DDS is a company of brief poems that glide into the world of lips and smiles and all the emotions they yearn to reveal just outside his working palette of teeth and gums.

Jul 17, 2012, 04:00 ET from Lester Sawicki DDS

AUSTIN, Texas, July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Reflections On A Smile, Poems To Passion, by Lester Sawicki DDS offers a gathering of quick pondering on the enigma of lips and smiles and their many moods. Each reflection is brief but while some are light on their worldly wings, others are saddled with melodramatic trappings.

According to Sawicki, 36 years into his dental career he discovered lips more sensitive than fingertips and started to explore the mystical, sensual, humorous and sometimes psychical scarring trimmings of lips and smiles that embellished the circle of teeth he treated. Writing poetry seemed like the most suitable style to express the emotional effort of trying to achieve a more collective consciousness of his vocation.

Sawicki now sees the dental world in more complex terms than he did as  young aspiring dentist. His poems range from his personal experiences with love and the human condition to an almost abstract way of describing the magical texture of a smile on stage everyday in his dental theatre. "Even Frank Sinatra would be hard put to rival Sawicki when it comes to thoughts on lips and all they speak of," Kirkus Indie.

Reflections On A Smile, Poems To Passion, will kiss you with the addictive power of lips that mesmerize and hypnotize into an international sensation. It is available online at and other channels.

About the Author
Dr. Lester Sawicki has been a practicing dentist for over 36 years.  Since 2004, he has been devoted to intensive research into the relationship between whole body detoxification and longevity. Sawicki is an author of self help, fitness and meditation books, practices martial arts and has been a student of tai chi and qi kung for over 25 years. He lives in Austin.

SOURCE Lester Sawicki DDS